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Sinusitis, clear note, blood discharge, or tissue damage?
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Sinusitis, clear note, blood discharge, or tissue damage?

If you have recently eaten can you please note read this any further...

Ok well let me just lay it all on the table.
I have recently had a cold and In the shower in the mornings, I clear my nose. Generally holding one nostril shut and blowing all the **** out of the other that his built up over the night. I had two colds in a row so I was struck down for about 3-4 weeks.

In any case, one morning came about where I blew my nose in the shower again and what came out was slightly unusual. I fished it up before it went down the drain (told you - if you are eating, look away) and gave it a brief examination. The volume was fairly large for something that came out of my nose. At the centre seemed to be a lumpy mass of some sort. The mucous surrounding it gave the whole thing a fairly slimey texture to the touch, but when I probed it further, I could definately feel something that felt like a loosely arranged collagulation of hardened snot! boogers or something. Probably the other striking this about this one was that it seemed to be fairly white in color and I think that's what ultimately struck me as unusual initially. I was thinking that it might be some some of mix of puss and mucous or something like that.

Since that morning, my nose has been incredibly clear. I am a long time smoker so I'm used to having a cold or running nose that lasts longer than non smoker. However, I cannot recall the last time my nose felt so clear and perfect.

Then a headache started. The worst part about this is that I am not a headache person at all. Initially I thought it was due to staring at a computer screen for 12 hours a day three days running, but i then thought it was probably sinusitis. So I held my nose and put my head between my knees and i certainly in increase in pain and pressure.

I have been taking panadol so far just to reduce the headache pain and it was uncomfortable but manageable.

This morning (three days after the "shower incident") I felt my nose running a bit. IT was just a little, but when i blew my nose, there was a notable amount of blood in the mucous. I also have a splitting headache which i have just taken more panadol for.

My questions are:
1) Does it sound like i have sinusitis or does it sound more like I have done tissue damage to my maxillary sinuses by blowing hard in the shower each morning?
2) Is the blood anything to worry about if i do have sinusitis?
3) Can i treat this with OTC medication or do i need a script for anti biotics?
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I have been reading about fungal sinus infections, what you described sounds like a "fungal ball" I have read about...if it is...lucky you because my readings say it has to be removed by surgery.
Sounds like a sinus infection. I get them all the time, and I do the same thing in the shower. It's gross, but it gets all the gunk out. I don't think whatever came out was anything to be too worried about. Have you had any surgery done to your sinuses. I had surgery a few months ago and sometimes when I do that, some scar tissue comes out, and brings some blood. My ENT says that it is completely normal, as long as it does not create any pain in the sinus or nose (headaches don't count) and there is no excessive bleeding. Just go see you doctor, antibiotics are probably best. Just a tip, if you do go, don't accept a Z-pack. They are fast, but a lot of people are resistant to them, and f you just don't try it, you might save yourself a wasted perscription and another visit to the doctor.

Good Luck!
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