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I've had problems with my tonsils all year. Tested for mono and strep but they came back negative, I've been on medication with no luck so I'm always shrugged off and told that it's a viral case of tonsillitis. I have no other symptoms other than discomfort/trouble swallowing and breathing at night. It constantly feels like I have an egg in my throat... and I'm guessing the white bits are tonsil stones?

I'm really getting frustrated. Does this look like tonsillitis to you? I am to the point where I would like to have them removed but my doctor is hesitant/doesn't think it's necessary.
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Follow this technique for more than 9 times, twice a day to help with the tonsils. Your feedback when you notice the benefit will help others.

Ujjayi pranayam
Procedure: While breathing in, tighten throat(contract glotis) and there will be sound from back of throat, then drop chin(rest chin on chest), hold breath as long as possible.Then  chin up, close right nostril and slowly breath out through left nostril.
Duration: 5 – 21 times

How to do Ujjayi
When you clear your throat, you tighten your throat and breath out, twice, with a pause in between. . Now if you reverse this, that is, tighten the throat and breath in continuously for abour 8 to 12 seconds, then hold your breath for 4 seconds with the chin down, then  chin up, close right nostril and slowly breath out through left nostril, you have just done Ujjayi pranayam.You will feel like coughing initially.
May 16 ,2012
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Hello and hope you are doing well.

Understand your predicament.

The picture show that the tonsils are enlarged. Tonsillectomy is advised if there is recurrent streptococcal tonsillitis, recurrent peritonsillar abscess and chronic tonsillitis. Recurrent tonsillitis is an indication for tonsillectomy, as the tonsils may harbor the infection which keeps flaring up, or they may develop new infections. Also, sometimes persistent enlargement of the tonsil can sometimes be due to a lymphoma. So, if it is not responding to max, medical treatment, then tonsillectomy is the option.

Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
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Thanks for the replies!

I would like a Tonsillectomy but as I said the ENT I met with seems to think it's unnecessary... he prescribed me 10 days of antibiotics instead. There was no change.

I actually found a picture I took of my tonsil this time last year, when I was concerned because that's when I first noticed the enlargement. It's DEFINITELY grown since then... now it's gotten to the point that I can feel it in my throat/it's uncomfortable vs. before when it was just seemingly abnormally large.

Unsure of what to do at this point, and if I should seek advice from another doctor and pursue having it taken out despite that nobody seems overly concerned about it.
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