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Damage after haemorrhages
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Damage after haemorrhages

Over half a year ago I received some haemorrhages in my retina (unknown cause). I was told that it will heal in a few weeks. A few months my vision did not improve past a certain point and at the public hospital (free in my country) I was told by an unprofessionally-cheerful doctor that the haemorrhages are completely gone but what I have is "just" some permanent damage. He said he "doesn't know" what exactly it is but there is nothing they can do.

What bothers me is that I was not even told what it is that is causing me not to see properly. I found a private retinal specialist, and I plan to make an appointment once my insurance starts to cover it (the public hospital only had just one retinal specialist who was too busy to see me). But I am starting to doubt if there is a point - could this "permanent damage" just be my retinal cells dying off after the haemorrhages? This is what I would assume, but what troubles me is that the public hospital opthalmologist did not tell me this.
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You are doing the right thing by seeing a new retinal specialist.  There is a good chance you might need laser treatment or other treatments.  I would need much, much information from you with specific details to be of any more assistance.  As it stands you need to keep your appointment and I wish you well.

Michael Kutryb, MD
I wsh you well in your search for new treatment.

Also, thank you for the words "unprofessionally-cheerful." My former retina doctor was also "unprofessionally-cheerful" when he suggested that a very drastic procedure was available to me. Doctors need to be stopped from doing this. A kind voice is needed in twhen a condition is serious, but a grinning face and a mirthful voice is unforgiveable.

Without saying, physicians should also never suggest drastic procedures when they are unnecessary.

I am sorry that we both encounter "unprofessionally cheerful" doctors, and I wish good care for us in the future.          
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