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hazloriJun 17
Michael J Kutryb, MD Apr 24, 2010
By booty18 Blank
The top of my right eyeball is very sore and I think my left one is starting to feel how my right one felt yesterday....
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momxoxoMay 13
skimordiegirlApr 22, 2011
Houman Vosoghi, MD Apr 15, 2011
By khnpj Blank
My 8 year old has had two instances (a few months a part) of "seeing all green" for a few seconds and then it goes to...
1718097 tn?1309029956
Houman Vosoghi, MD Jun 26, 2011
By Char1820 Blank
Hi! My mother as recently had her cataract in her left eye removed about one month ago. For the last three days s...
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teller4Apr 05
Michael J Kutryb, MD Apr 22, 2010
By running_man Blank
I have been a suspect for the past several years (4-5). My pressures have gone from 17-18 (4-5 years ago) to 26 & 28 ...
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bevy715Jan 13, 2011
Glad4HelpJun 25, 2009
JodieJJun 24, 2009
Michael J Kutryb, MD Jun 23, 2009
By borgessgirl Blank
I am a 72 year old female. I had cateract surgery on my left eye in February, had complications of severe swelling an...
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ECTMFeb 27
davtptJan 23, 2014
Doreen Fazio, M.D. Dec 21, 2013
By Timidstar Blank
I have not driven since 2006. One of the reasons was because I almost caused an accident on three occasions when tryi...
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A321Apr 29, 2011
Em1144Feb 12, 2011
KevinBoDec 15, 2008
Mal642Oct 12, 2008
By tam31 Blank
I woke up with a bright spot in my eye 4 days ago, and a smaller, much dimmer image of it is still present. When I s...
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BrowngeezerDec 28, 2015
Roberto1964Jul 13, 2013
Doreen Fazio, M.D. Jul 13, 2013
By Roberto1964 Blank
Dear Doctors, In 2011 I had a PRK to eliminate my hyperomy and it din't succeed well. In 2012 was redone and got so...
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By qtkatie Blank
The bumps are not on my waterline, but actually on my inner eyelid I also have a bump growing on my tearduct I've ...
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melissaminNov 27, 2015
IndyGal62Jan 21, 2014
mmarienNov 11, 2009
Sandy Feldman, MD, MS Sep 21, 2009
By Do0Bs Blank
Hi there, I was wondering if anyone could help or offer any advice on my condition. Around 4 months ago I spen...
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GenzeroJan 31
gigs924Sep 11, 2008
WinterpegSep 08, 2008
AnnaESep 07, 2008
By judy5 Blank
Anyone care to share their experience and how they survived the face down position after surgery
508440 tn?1295063915
By snookiejc Blank
I have a very odd feeling in both of my eyes... it feels like they have been dilated, although they haven't. They al...
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KathyLVJan 18
Michael J Kutryb, MD Jul 28, 2008
By TigerBill Blank
In response to an earlier question about recovery after surgery for a detached retina, one member commented, "The bub...
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fisasdsJan 08
sumanthketheJan 18, 2011
mimi193735Jan 02, 2011
AnnaEAug 28, 2008
WadeDudeAug 27, 2008
By WadeDude Blank
I am 2 weeks after cataract surgery and feel fine. My Dr. prescribes a continuation of prednisolone acetate 1% eye dr...
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RaquealleNov 05, 2015
Tommo16Nov 11, 2013
Doreen Fazio, M.D. Feb 09, 2013
By X0XjulietX0X Blank
Hi, I'm 15 and I can feel this tiny bump on my eyeball through my eyelid. It's freaking me out, and I've been lo...
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cbrittonOct 29, 2015
JodieJJan 25, 2010
caren123Jan 25, 2010
JodieJJan 24, 2010
cdm12Jan 24, 2010
By cdm12 Blank
I was recently diagnosed as having macular puckering in my left eye. If I go ahead with surgery, what should I excep...
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WojtekSzOct 15, 2015
DriverFromItalyJul 30, 2013
DriverFromItalyJul 29, 2013
By DriverFromItaly Blank
Hi to all, I'm 28 years old, and I come from Italy so sorry my english. I have strange situation but any ophthalmolog...
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SatpathySep 27, 2015
Houman Vosoghi, MD Jan 22, 2012
By raga1 Blank
hello...im having different eye size..my left eye is bigger in size than my right eye..i have underwent a cataract an...
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ArrettaAug 18, 2015
Patricia3May 22, 2015
jjtd888Sep 07, 2008
klc829Jun 28, 2007
mischelles4angelsJun 20, 2007
By RLS151 Blank
Just today, as I look up from a report to the computer monitor, I noticed a portion of the vision in my right eye was...
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Davidm52May 18, 2015
bagg7205May 23, 2011
caren123Aug 12, 2010
DebbieDanAug 11, 2010
DebbieDanAug 11, 2010
By DebbieDan Blank
Hi, I'm 52, and had cataract surgery 4 months ago to remove a mild cataract in my left eye - vision couldn't be co...
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