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I Need a Proper Prescription After Restore Lens Cataract Surgery on One...
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I Need a Proper Prescription After Restore Lens Cataract Surgery on One Eye

One month ago I had cataract and astigmatism surgery on my right eye with a Restore lens put in. At my first follow-up appointment with the surgeon (day after surgery), I was told I now had 20/20 in that eye, wouldn't need glasses for my driver's license anymore and 'I'll see you in 3 weeks.' That day they put a clear non-prescription lense in that side of my glasses. At the 3 week appointment, I was told I needed prescription glasses for the corrected eye (I onder what happened to the 20/20?) and was prescribed a progressive lens. When that progressive lense was put in my glasses (the left eye has not had surgery (not ready) and I have had a progressive lens in my glasses for a long time) my sight was terribly messed up & complained about it to the Optical lady. I tried that new lense for a day, couldn't stand it at all (blurred, couldn't see to walk, everything jumped, etc.), and had them take it out and put the clear lense back in. Although I cannot see 20/20 with the clear lense back in, I can get by much better than having that new progressive lens put in. I am greatly concerned that first of all, perhaps the new Restore lens has not worked or failed (of course the surgeon probably won't admit that if it has). I also wonder if it is proper to put a progressive lens in my glasses over a Restore lens (which is basically a progressive lens as I understand it). Please give me advise. I am getting a little tired with the whole process as it has unfolded at my Eye Surgeons office.
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You should discuss it with your surgeon or feel free to get a second opinion.  Without examining your eyes, it would be difficult to give you further advice.  Restore lenses aren't guaranteed to make you see without glasses but the use of progressives is not necessarily the best choice.  Depending on your eye exam and refraction, an ophthalmologist should be able to figure it out without difficulty.

Thanks for the helpful comments. I saw my Dr. (Hamed) this morning and after the eye exam tried to discuss the progressive lens that he ordered which didn't work. His story was that lens in my eye is still adjusting - "changing" - and he wants to see me in 3 months. At that time he wants to use laser and polish the lens into "perfection." Well, the lens must have done a lot of changing since last week when he ordered the progressive lens! Today my vision in that eye was 20/25. Bottom line - no refund on the incorrect lens because in his words "you wanted it." (I didn't). Well, life goes on - my loss. My question, is laser polishing a lens normal after just 3 months? Thanks again.
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