Why does my conjuctivits keep coming back?
by NewKhid93, Jan 29, 2012
A week before 2011 Thanks Giving I got bacterial conjunctivitis in both eyes. I was given a antibiotic/steroid to use for 3 days and I was told if it does not get any better to go back to the doctor. I stopped the medicine on the third day and if flared up again 2 days later. I went to the doctor and I was given another medication to use for 5 days. It got better during that time but my eyes were irritated. They flared up once again a few days after I had stopped taking the medicine when I was on vacation. When I got back I saw an eye doctor and she gave me an antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, and prescription eye drops. She told me that the first two medications were not powerful enough to fight the eye infection. I took the medicine for the prescribed time and it was better. But this time 4 days later my eyes flared us. I went to go see another eye doctor and she said the bacteria was inside the eyelid so I was given a cream to completely kill it. I took it for the prescribed time and once again after 4 days later my eyes flared up again. I went back to the same eye doctor and she said I don't have any bacteria in my eye anymore and the pus was not pus. She said my oil glands in my eyes were excited and she said I had a medical condition that was not known. She left me with an anti-inflammatory called 'FML' and I used it. I have not been on any medication for a few weeks because I'm sure I have tried all of them. Every one of the doctors/eye doctors said it was not contamination. A few days ago my eyes had not had any problem for 5 days so I thought I would put fresh new contacts in for an 2 hours. It was fine. Next day my eyes were blood red flared up again but with a little bit of pus this time.

Why does it keep coming back? Do I have chronic conjunctivitis now? What is going on? It is very frustrating with all the money spent on doctor visits and paying for the medications. What can I do?
by Timothy D McGarity, M.D.Blank, Jan 29, 2012
It sounds like chronic conjunctivitis. You need to seek the assistance of a specialist. Go to a cornea specialist and stick with the prescribed plan. There are a few causes of chronic conjunctivitis or chronic blepharoconjunctivitis. A very common cause is from overgrowth of staph bacteria on your eyelids. Another very common cause is from the oil glands in your eyelids being chronically inflamed and now scarred closed so that you don't have normal oil in your tears. This is difficult to treat over a few days and usually takes months to treat. Know that there is treatment, but be patient as it will take some time.
Best wishes
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by NewKhid93, Jan 29, 2012
Okay I will be sure to make an appointment with a cornea specialist, but I'm in college and I'm pretty far from home so would it be able to wait till spring break? I am very relived that there is a treatment for it though.

Thank you very much.