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chronic red inner eyelids
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chronic red inner eyelids

I was diagnosed with conjunctivitis in both eyes over 2 months ago.  I´ve basically recovered and my eyes look normal, but both of my bottom inner eyelids are quite red in color.  I´ve noticed especially that when I wake up in the morning, my inner eyelids are a bright red.  Throughout the day, my inner eyelids return to a more reddy-pink color, but are red nonetheless.  I´ve gone through 4 different conjunctivities medications, and the last doctor I saw has stopped my medication altogether.  I now only put in drops of artificial tears.  I´m approaching my third month of red eyelids and I´m quite concerned if this condition will ever resolve itself.  I haven´t been able to wear my contacts during this frustrating period.  Have I been misdiagnosed? Would it be safe to resume wearing contacts?
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1. There is some possibility that you problem may be related to your previous contact lens wear due to GPC or giant papillary conjunctivitis. use the search feature and read about that and also google the term. Its usually easy to diagnose by flipping the eyelids and look for the characteristic changes on the back side of the upper lid. Treatment is leaving contacts out and cromolyn eyedgrops.

2. The second most common cause would be blepharitis (AKA 'granulated eyelids") use the search feature and read about that and also google the term. Treatment is keeping lids clean with baby shampoo, or Occusoft or Theratears Sterilid  foam eyelid/lash cleaner, and the use of Azasite drops for 6 weeks.

3. If you have a rash on your face it could be acne roseacea causing it.

4. You could have a chronic conjunctivitis. Try and see an Eye MD that specializes in cornea and external disease.

I would like to clarify some points that I forgot to mention.

Upon waking up every morning, I do have minimal eye discharge.  I´m not sure if that discharge is related to the conjunctivitis or just normal eye discharge called sleep.  I don´t have eye discharge during the day.  Also, my inner bottom eyelids are just bright red in color, they are not noticeably inflamed.

The last doctor speculated my red inner eyelids could be caused by the following reasons....

1) a condition related to wearing contacts for the past couple years
2) Some foreign allergy. I moved to Spain 8 months ago from the United States.
3)  I was possibly allergic to something that was in my previous conjunctivitis medications, and therefore it was recommended that I stop taking medication altogether.  

I´ve seen 3 different doctors, I´ve taken 4 different medications, and I´ve had everything explained to me in Spanish.  So some things may have gotten lost in translation.  Can somebody please explain what is going on with my eyelids, and what I can do to fix it.  Thank you, Kimberly.
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