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which monofocal eye lens is better-near or distance
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which monofocal eye lens is better-near or distance

I am 60 and will be getting monofocal lens implants after cataract surgery,
I opted to have inplants that would permit clear near vision vs. clear distance vision
because  I work 10-12 hrs a day on a computer at work, and dont wear glasses now
for close up work.  This means i would need glasses post surgery to correct distance vision.
While I wear glasses now for distance vision I am not dependent on them for getting around.
I can see shelves  in the supermarket without glasses, take transportation  and get around fine
without glasses, but I use them more for reading clarity.    Now I am having second thoughts and wonder
if i should opt for monofocal lenses that would give me clear distance vision, but would mean
that i would need glasses for close up.   I would be extremely unhappy if I had to reach for my glasses
in order to see after I get out of bed.  So I wanted to see if anyone had them and if they know
what type of vision to expect  for distance , if I opt for close range lenses vs.distance.
I like reading the forum, it is very educational , I hope someone or a Dr, can clarify this for me.
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You could consider shooting for about -1.00 for intermediate computer type vision in the non-dominant eye and plano or about -0.50 in the dominant eye for distance.  It's what I call mini-monovision.

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Thank you for your prompt reply. I am going to contact my surgeon early next week
with my final decision.  I hope he is a fan of mini-monovision , as he didnt bring it up
even though I know people who have that situation and my regular opthamologist is
also okay with that procedure. The only experience I had in the past was with
progressive lenses for my eyeglasses and I never had a single problem with them,
although I know it is not the same thing as monovision.
I only wore contacts briefly but didnt like them due to the feeling of dry eye and pollen

My questions to you are, since my first eye to be operated will be my non-dominent left eye which has a much worse cataract than the right dominent eye,  would the  surgeon  go ahead and set that left eye for the near vision, and the subsequent
right dominent eye surgery with the distance lens?    I  am not certain what
role the dominent eye plays in the big picture and if it bears weight in the order of which
eye gets operated on first?  

Thanks again for being part of this great forum. I have learned a lot from reading all the
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Doesn't matter which eye goes first as long as you understand the big picture and the role each eye will play.  

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Had a very good experience on 10/21 with the first IOC Alcon Toric
inplant in left eye and will be going for the right eye surgery next week.
We are going for the mini-monovision and the corrected left eye is set
for -1.50 which seems to be working well for computer/reading/shopping.

Of course I still have the benefit of my uncorrected dominent right eye which
is nearsighted so I am still hoping I will be as comfortable reading without using
glasses as I am now.  I am amazed at how my overall vision is so good (seeing distance
so well)    now  all without glasses!!

Next week , the right eye will be corrected with distance bias at -0.25.

Does this sound  right?  or   is there any wiggle room for the right distance eye,
to insure that it leaves  me with the comfortable near/intermediate vision I enjoy now?

Good luck to everyone out there struggling with their decisions. It isnt easy to
know what to expect ,so everyone needs to do a lot of reading, reaching out and homework.   This site and the support of the medical community is very valuable
Thanks to all
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For those who have been nearsighted (with -3.0d or greater) all their life and walk into the Dr's office wearing glasses, I think -1.5d is the "magic" post-operative number to target.  (note, my speculation is for those who wear glasses, not contacts lens)

My reasoning is that most lifelong near-sighted folks that are accustomed to wearing glasses have no issues wearing them.  Some even feel "naked" without them.  Without glasses they see nearly everything _significantly_ out of focus.

-1.5d gives great intermediate vision, but just as importantly, unaided distance vision is quite acceptable.

Of course, individual experiences vary.  In my case, I discovered that just about the ONLY time I need to see sharp distance vision is when I drive and play golf.  In fact, post surgery, my intermediate vision is so clear that I have found myself leaving the office without my glasses, jumping in my car, and making it halfway down the street before realizing... "Oh ****!  I forgot my glasses again!!"

Again, individual lifestyle is the critical factor to consider.  When I wake up in the morning, my alarm clock, and everything around me is within 2 to 8 feet.  I shower, (2 to 4 feet), eat (1 to 2 ft), dress (2 to 4 ft), etc.  When I'm at work, same thing.... computers, meetings, lunch room, etc.  everything of importance is between 2 to 8 feet.  I spend 95% of my time at intermediate vision.  Note that perfect clarity is only between 2 and 3 ft, but from 1.5  to 8 ft is very acceptable vision (for me).

That said, I was able to breifly experiece a full range of vision (I don't know why) for the first 4 days post surgery, and being able to effortlessly see at all distances was AMAZING!

Just my two bits...

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