Question about follistim side effects/I'm new to this site
by Hoping4achild, May 23, 2007
Hello Everyone,

I'm wondering if anyone is experiencing side effects from Follistim?  

The nurse practitioner at the fertility clinic said she never heard of anyone becoming ill from follistim, and the fertility doctor gave me a vague answer when I told him how I was feeling.  

I had an HSG (Hysterosalpingogram), then a laparoscopy, was on clomid, and then had three IUI procedures while taking follistim, ovidrel, and progesterone.

I was taking up to 150 IU of Follistim per day and had all the following side effects:  nausea, loss of appetite (yet a great deal of weight gain), breast pain, back pain and headaches.  

Next we are trying IVF, and they are going to put me on 400 (!!) IU of follistim!!  I can't imagine how sick I'm going to be and I'm frightened thinking about it.  

The patient information leaflet does list some possible side effects from taking Follistim but I would feel better hearing about others' experiences.  

Thank you everyone for your input.  


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by Mikeal'smom, May 23, 2007
Fortunately, when I was on follistim I had no side effects of it at all.  The only thing I didn't like about it was the meds really sting right after injection.  I just wanted to wish you luck- l hope you're finding the answers you are looking for, there are a lot of great women on this forum who are a wonderful source of support.  Good luck!
by Hoping4achild, May 23, 2007
Thank you so much for responding.  

So far I haven't met or heard of anyone being affected by follistim.  Of course I don't want anyone else to be sick, but if someone out there is having difficulty on follistim then it would help me to know I'm not alone.  

Thank you for the well wishes.  

Please write if you feel like sharing your story.  

by jennyfer976, Sep 03, 2008
Yes i have the same symptoms except no weight gain yet, tonight was my first dose. Anyone else? the nurses said the same thing to me, they didn't expect any side effects.
by Lisa754, Sep 20, 2008
I'm on Follistim for 5 nights, 100 units injected every evening.  So far I've had mild abdominal pain, significant abdominal swelling and weight gain, and a very painful yeast infection.  I called the nurse at the fertility clinic, but she had never heard of anyone getting a yeast infection as a side effect.  I haven't had one in years, so it's hard for me to believe there is no connection.  Has anyone ever experienced this?  
I've also felt weepy and nervous, but the yeast infection could be contributing to that.
by bny807, Sep 20, 2008
You know i never get those either, but got one last month.. not sure if it was from that or not, but ugh what a pain!    i also get KILLER headache starting around day 7 or 8 that lasts for 4 days or so , i can't even sleep at night with it. its bad, but worth it if it works! : ) GOOD LUCK!
by MamaTina89, Sep 20, 2008
I am on day 6 of 8 Follistim shots (I take 150 units a night), and no weight gain, constant mile headache and yes, it does sting at injection site for a bit!
by Lisa754, Sep 20, 2008
Yes, it is a pain. I called my doctor, and he's ordered me something for the yeast infection that appears to be developing into a urinary tract infection as well.  
Here's the good news though: he assured me that all this will have no effect on my chances of getting pregnant since they completely bypass the vagina when doing insemination.
I was almost afraid to call and tell them I was ill because I'm more than halfway through my Follistim shots, and in the past two months we've been stopped once by a cyst and the second time by breakthrough bleeding which kept me from having a natural menstrual cycle.  I'm on day 6 of this go-round.  I sure hope I don't get that headache you did.  
Thanks for posting a reply. Something about this process makes me feel isolated. But, then, maybe that's just a side effect of Follistim, too. (Ha)
by lmejia23, Oct 17, 2008
I have taken 2 shots of Follistim (225 units at night) and havent really experienced any side effects. Maybe just a little tired. I dont think ive noticed a weight gain but maybe it can happen after a few more shots.
by hopingforalittleone, Oct 25, 2008
I have been on follistim three times, 150 dose a day and once 75.  I have had a yeast infection 2 of the 3 times, and I never have them any other time.  I got pregnant with my son on follistim a few years back, and am back on it this month and true to form I have gotten another years infection.  I have had all the side effects you listed except weight gain.  I dont think this can be a coincidence.