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Do CFS & fibro go hand in hand?
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Do CFS & fibro go hand in hand?

Hello, I am new here & just a couple questions I thought someone may be able to help me with. Over the past few months I've noticed that I am more tired than usual. I get exhausted & have to rest doing the simplest tasks! My rhumatologist had me do a sleep test which came back fine (i knew it would ) & had tried a cortisone shots & a steroid thinking if those could help my pain that they would also help my exhaustion. Well they didnt help the pain or the exhaustion so hes sending me to a neurologist. I'm just wondering if CFS & Fibro pretty much go hand in hand most of the time? Also does anyone experience bone pain? I get terrible pain mostly in my ankles that make them feel as though they are going snap at any moment & almost bring me to tears some days because nothing relieves the pain! It's not easy for me to just try different medications either because I have an ulcer so I can't take nsaids or anything else that could worsen my ulcer. Thanks for any info anyone can give me!
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Yes, they go hand in hand.  Fatigue is a huge part of FM.  I have a lot of joint pain also.  At first I just had muscle and head problems with my FM - but as I go along my muscles are getting weaker which in turn is causing my joints to hurt.  I am not so sure about bone pain.  Maybe someone else has a comment on that one.  I take ulcer medication because a hefty anti-infammatory is what helps keep my pain down.  I wish I could find something else because my stomach is having a lot of problems.  
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Hey linelife1393 and dianerae33

Welcome to the forum linelife1393.
dianerae33, have we exchanged posts recently here? Hi there anyway!

FMS overlaps CFS.
Try going carb free for 2 weeks. It is a bit tough, but it might make a HUGE difference. If you could combine it with a strict antifungal diet, then it will further  reduce  yeast metabolites, so tissue toxins such as Tartaric Acid
will not grow. ( malic acid supplementation will help immediately with this).

Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, a natural anti-fungal, anti-parasitic, anti-microbial, anti-viral Functional Food, will  decrease inflammation in your body,
when replacing ALL cooking oils with EVCO and give you energy!

Doing "Oil Pulling" with it daily will result in less toxins, harmful bacteria and less chance for infections. Look it up at the coconut research center
website. (If your dietitian tells you otherwise, she's still in the Dark Ages!)
My wife WAS a Clinical Dietician. Only if she knew then, what she knows now...

Go to the normal breathing website to retrain yourself how to breath
properly for health, as now you're probably producing too much lactic acid,
a very inefficient way for energy production. You subconscious will pick it up after practising for a while, so it will be another autonomous function
that you won't have to think about.

Your PCP or Rheumie  will never suggest these things, as it is NOT in the
medical treatment protocol for CFS or FMS.
But please do research all this. Don't take my word for it, even if I totally
believe this info is safe and effective. Let me know if you need details.

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