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My daughter since she was a toddler has had loose joints and could "pop out" her hip, knee, ankle, wrist,finger joints. Now at 18 years ...
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Hello everyone! I am Zach, 24, and I have always been someone who has paid too much attention to my health, when one thing feels "off"...
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I've been having these weird pains for a long time, a couple years or so. It started in my right arm and fingers. I'll be holding somethi...
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I just started Savella about 10 days ago. Would like to know if anyone else had insomnia worsen and if so, did you continue to take Savel...
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anyone else got severe long term voice loss with your fm? there is very little on it in forums and online, and needless to say, mainstre...
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i am a senior over 65 and took 50 mg of paxil for about 15 years until it didn,t seem to work.For the past year i am on 50 mg of cymbalta...
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I have a theory that Fibromyalgia is caused by build up of Lactic Acid that somehow our body cannot break down properly or in adequate ti...
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What does this mean. Then i have fibro syndrome. as well as what i put on title question. I AM IN SO MUCH PAIN. Went drs to day because m...
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I have fybromyalgia. Recently, my teeth are just falling apart and out. Does fybromyalgia do this or possibly lupus? I have all the di...
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Hello to all! I was diagnosed with fibro in May (also with CFS) and my doctor prescribed me adderall. I would love to hear from anyone ...
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Hi everyone! My question is how do I ask for something stronger without sounding like a "pill seeker" or drug abuser? My Lortab 10mg is l...
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I have had Fibromyalgia and CFS for 20 years. Has anyone had any problems with SEVERE muscle cramps and is it from the Fibro? Mine alwa...
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Hi I'm interested to know if there are many FMS sufferers who have a RH Neg blood type. I have seen quite a few people on forums who ...
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Hello, I am a 38 yr old male recently diagnosed with Fibro and I am looking for a Dr in Chicago that understands the condition.
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I am wondering about diet and alcohol use and their effect on fibromyalgia?
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I'm a 23 year old woman and I've been having severe and debilitating pain in my neck, back of head, jaw, face, ears, and shoulders for al...
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Sorry if this has been asked before but what's everyone's opinion on the best place to live for fibromyalgia. The cold and damp make me h...
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Hello. I'm crying myself to sleep over this haunting Pain. I got to a new pm dr this coming week And I wanted to know about the rx opan...
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After being administered the Hepatitis B vaccine, I have developed permanent adverse reactions, which were not anticipated. In the gym ...
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Hello, I was hoping for some answers here, I know it's not really possible over the internet sometimes.. but maybe one of your has been ...
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