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I have been suffering with CFS then Fibromyalgia for almost 3 years. I was finally diagnosed with insulin resistance. Insulin resistance...
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I am curious how many people are RH-, received RhoGam injection after the birth of their 1st childs birth and now has Fibromyalgia. In ...
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Hi guys, do u know where can I get tested for XMRV Test in USA? tnx
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Hi I may or may not have FM...was dx'd 12 years ago BUT now after seeing a pain management specialist we both agree that my leg pain issu...
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I was wondering if anyone also suffers from numbness of fingers and legs? Also in the summer I have no pain, but as soon as the cold hits...
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Is anyone out there taking trazadone and having a weight gain issue? All of a sudden I have put 5 pounds on in two weeks. I started the...
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Hi I'm interested to know if there are many FMS sufferers who have a RH Neg blood type. I have seen quite a few people on forums who ...
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Has anyone else ever experienced this horrid problem. I have Fibro was diagnosed 5yrs ago but have had pain since a kid. Some night whe...
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My doctor wanted me to try Cymbalta again because I am extremely depressed, extreme pain and fatigue. Has anyone had any luck with it. ...
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I've been diagnosed with fibromyalgia for over 10 years now. I've had health problems my entire life. I've been all over Louisiana to jus...
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I am a healthy female in my early twenties.My family has no history of heart issues or any other health issues. Since mid-October 2...
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Hello everyone, I would like to know if anyone has experienced burning sensations. I have been waking up the past couple of nights wi...
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I have fibromyalgia and my whole back is screwed up so in in constant pain all the time.... But, with the fibro I am so sensitive to the ...
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Hi everyone! My question is how do I ask for something stronger without sounding like a "pill seeker" or drug abuser? My Lortab 10mg is l...
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I know the title of my post is a little strange, but I really would appreciate some feedback on my little issue. It began with a bladder ...
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I have been taking Levothroxyin for my thyroid and noticed the burning started not long after starting this med. My doctor doesn't want t...
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I have fibromyalgia and was diagnosed six years ago I have the usual pain in my knees and elbows and all over widespread pain lately like...
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Hi. I was wondering if anyone could help. I am a healthy, active 21 year old female and I have a sharp pain under my left rib cag below m...
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I'm 21 years old and have been diagnosed by Fibromyalgia 3 years ago. I took a mild anti-depressant treatment (Tryptizol) for one year an...
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