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Is this FMS or something else?
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Is this FMS or something else?

Hi guys, my friend who is 33 is almost bed ridden and in terrible pain, until recently was on morphine based drugs for her fibromyalgia.

I am just not convinced she has this at all. I have done a lot of reading about FMS, and she doesnt seem to be following the type.

Until recently she was riding her horse, and now is having a really bad relapse and has to have care workers in to attend to her personal care and help with the children.

She has been on drugs for months and months, is sick every day to the point of not being able to eat and has lost tons of weight.

She also in the summer had a red angry rash over her face.

I am convinced she has Lupus, but her doctor wont entertain this at all.

I didnt realise that fibro was so progressive.

My husband was diagnosed with FMS recently as he had classic pains etc, was given a course of steroids and is completely pain free again.

Is fibromyaligia just an illness that doctors can diagnose when they are confused to the symptoms or what?

I am so worried about my friend as if this isnt fibro, what is it? She had MRI which was clear of the brain.

She also has weird fits where she just seems to conk out.

I dont know what to do. If this carry's on i worry she wont be with us in 6 months. She has lost so much weight.

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Everyone is also cycles, my mother went yrs pain free, and she had yrs she too was in bed 24/7! There r health pages to the right of the screen.The only other condition I am aware of is chiari malformation, and it has been misdx'd as fibro!!
I was tested for lups, MS and many other conditions, there r so many that have the same symptoms.If in reading the health page u still feel this is not her dx, then check out the health pages for MS, lupus and chiari.

Good luck
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It does not sound at all like fibro to me.  It does not cause weight loss.  In fact most people gain weight.  I agree with you about possible lupus.  Also consider lyme disease, especially since she rides horses.  She is more likely to be bitten.  There is lyme in the UK.  FMS is a diagnosis of exclusion, meaning all tests have come back normal, ruling out disease processes.  There is more to the diagnosis though like positive tender points etc...When you say she is sick and cannot eat, what kind of symptoms is she having?
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hi patsy she is just sick all the time for no reason really. The doctors havent got a clue why she is so sick, which doesnt help. I wondered if it was all the drugs she was on but she was told no. I worry so much about her. Anyway we have persuaded her to change her doctors, perhaps a new set of eyes might be a good thing.

I wondered about lymes i think I shall ask her to mention this when she sees her new GP.

The problem with the tender points is she has no flesh so you cant touch her ANYWHERE.

To be honest I am  more worried about her constant sickness then her FMS as being sick all the time surely is bad for her system.

The rash on her face when she is in the sun is really like the wolf mask, and she also gets purple spots on her body, which her doctor totally dismissed.

I am hoping we can push blood tests for Lupus like you said to eliminate other diseases. Some of our doctors in the UK are over worked and just miss the basic things.

As to symptoms she hurts like hell, she has massive spasms in her legs and you can actually see her legs jumping up and down. We took a video of it happening and her doctor said it was ANXIETY.??? She has chronic fatigue but then thats not surprising she doesnt sleep properly she is always in pain.

Thanks for the support.
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That rash does sound like a lupus rash. It gets worse with sun exposure.  I can't believe they  haven't tested her for lupus!!  They need to rule out cancer as well.  She sounds terribly sick.  Fibro is just a group of symptoms, not a disease.  It causes pain and fatigue but no true damage to the body.  I agree with you.  This sounds like the least of her problems.
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I've been a fibro sufferer for about 16 years and gone through a lot of stuff from injuries from car accidents at the same time, but I have to agree that your friend needs to rule out Lupus, Lyme disease, cancer and a lot of other "diseases" that need to be ruled out first.  If those tests come back negative then fibro is a strong possibly, but don't let them mess around until they've tests for MS and all these other options first.

The link above takes you to a Fibromyalgia & Fatigue center site where there is a great audio of their Drs answering questions and giving information.  Its very comprehensive and you can download their written portion, which really helps explain a lot in this complex condition. The first download page "What Happens When You Have FM/CFS" diagram really clarifies a lot.
They also indicate the other conditions that need to be "ruled out" first.
Hope this helps.
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I am 33 also and was diagnosed with Fibro, but found myself getting progressively sicker and losing weight.  I have muscle spasms and a lot of pain and was also having rashes, couldn't eat and bed ridden. I have been in the ER mulitple times and just recently in the hospital for two days. I just found out I have a parasite infection and was placed on anti-parasitic medication. I passed a huge worm in my stool which is currently being analyzed.
Since your friend has been around horses, I would definitely look into parasites because you can get them from animals.  The doctors just don't take the time to investigate these things and I had to diagnose myself. Parasites will cause malnourishment and give off bacteria which results in a lot of pain.

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