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Is this Fibro?

Hello, my name is Eric and i am 44 years old.

I have had a lot of stress in my life and i tend to have a low threshold for stressful situations. I panic, get anxious and angry quickly.

The past few months have been a nightmare for me as i have suffered from an incredible amount of symptoms after a very stressful event early January. The urologist found nothing, the ENT found nothing, the gastro found Gastritis and Reflux Oesophagitis. But none of them has an explanation for everything, and certainly nothing that ties it all together. So i have been suffering from extreme anxiety and fear of something bad and can't bring myself to accepting the fact that it might all be 'just' stress.

Here are my symptoms:
- Penis pain that comes and goes
- Burning in penis after urination
- Itchy anus (occasional)
- Pain in testicles (occasional)
- Pain in various muscles: hips, rib cage, lower back, upper back between the shoulder blades (especially in one particular point in the middle of my spine), chest, throat, back of head, left knee, left wrist, and recently a finger on my right hand. This pain travels constantly: one day it's my back mainly hurting, one day it's my chest, one day my pelvic area, once in a while, it's everything...when these muscles hurt, i can put a finger on them and they are very sensitive/painful. But sometimes, it doesn't feel like it's my muscles that are hurting. More like the nerves.
- Nausea
- Heartburn
- Fatigue (often worse after a bowel movement)
- Hypoglycemia
- Bloating and belching
- Pain below the sternum
- Hoarseness and sore throat and problems swallowing food
- Depression and anxiety
- Recent eye sensations (dryness?)

Does this fit the profile of someone with Fibro? I asked over at the MS forum and it seems that it doesn't exactly fit MS.

thank you for you help.
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Hi Eric and welcome to the forum.

Sorry about all your troubles and suffering.
Definitely not MS- like profile, which has specific
focal points of neurological damage, unlike your condition which is presenting diffuse widespread symptoms, more in line with systemic conditions.

Fibromyalgia is a complex syndrome and suspect , so while the urgency to arrive at a diagnosis is justifiable, and some of the symptoms may match,
the overwhelming underlying factor is prolonged stress and to a less degree perhaps anxiety ,  which along with anger were possibly triggered by stressful situations.
Without going to a lengthy explanation here, this is the logical sequence of how things progress (I should say regress, lol!) oh, develop is better:

Prolonged/chronic stress--> elevated stress hormones--> adrenal resources
get diminished unable to meet the demands of continued unresolved stress
(all forms, physical, mental, emotional)--> adrenal function is impaired-->
adrenal fatigue syndrome (AFS)

Unfortunately, the possible symptoms are countless and it can affect all organs and systems of the body progressively in  proportion to rate of
adrenal function loss.

Naturally most conventional doctors will find very little wrong with the patient in such a case- I'm not surprised- and if anything is diagnosed, it is usually a consequence of the underlying cause (AFS) since this is not an "established" conventional medical diagnosis, unless it becomes a crisis
situation ( when it progresses to total adrenal failure)

Low thyroid function (secondary), often co-exists with AFS, as a survival mechanism, which "forces"  the body into a low energy state for adrenal recovery. Any attempts to treat the low thyroid, usually fail after a while, if the low adrenal function is not addressed first.

My opinion is that many of your symptoms are linked directly to AFS and most of the rest are indirectly linked to it.

If this resonates well with you- I recommend you do some research on this-
then let me know, so I can offer you some suggestions, how to go about it.

My comments, are not necessarily meant to exclude Fibromyalgia or other possible conditions, but rather give you a more fundamental causative perspective and please note that it is FYI only and not intended as a substitute for medical advice.  

Best wishes.

hi Niko,

thank you. What an interesting answer. I certainly can buy your explanation. I feel drained, like i have no power left to face anything remotely stressful (which may not even be stressful for others).
I can't even handle my 2 boys screaming and running around the house.

Since i wrote my post yesterday, i started experiencing a couple of new symptoms:
- both of my hands alternate between hot and cold and feel very weak. i also get these weird sensations running from the elbows to the hands
- and my fatigue, which was very present for the past few months, just became unbearable. I can lay in bed all day long...

Everything is just too much at the moment.
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