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Lactose Intolerance question and RA
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Lactose Intolerance question and RA

I am now on Leflunomide instead of methotrexate and prednisone.
I am having terrible flatutence and severe gas with anything I eat. Is it ok
to take Imodium (immodium) to lessen the symptons each time I eat?
I will be going to my Rheumy next Friday but wanted to see if others have had this issue?
Your advise is appreciated.
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Hi sagil.

Did your Rheumie do a proper risk/benefit assessment?
Were you made aware of it containing lactose and did you discuss this with your Rheumie?
Were you made aware of all the potentially serious side-effects?
And are you being monitored regularily? ( Blood labs for:platelet,wbc count,Hgb & liver enzymes-ALT testing )

If you must continue taking Leftunomide and is safe to do so- assuming initial  blood tests before start of treatment were negative - then you may consider lactase enzyme supplements, instead of Imodium (immodium).
But please pass this by your Pharmacist first-not your Doctor, as the Pharmacist will probably have deeper knowledge in this regarding safety.

I hope this helps, but please note that this is not intended as a substitute for medical advice.

Best wishes.
     Many of us are lactose intolerant.  Someone once handed me a "milkshake" and after two big swallows I was running for the bathroom!  It was yogurt.  So, I know that's out.   However, I can handle regular ice cream - go figure.   I have found that Lactaid helps, but Gluten Cutter from Walmart has more enzymes and helps with many other stomach problems that I prefer that.
      It cuts down on the gas and stomach distress from many different foods because it contains over 10 different enzymes.

     I hope this info is helpful - wishing you the best
Ice cream has much higher fat content because of the cream used in making it, therefore it gets digested substantially slower compared to yogurt milkshakes, with possibly the effects of the intolerance (not able to   digest and break down the lactase in the small intestine )  spread over a longer time, therefore may be less "offensive".
Again, having said this, everyone is different.
As a matter of fact I have a friend who is lactose intolerant and can eat yogurt with no symptoms at all.

The draw back with Gluten Cutter, as attractive as it may seem at first, is
actually the possibility -if used regularly over prolonged time-a. of the body
losing the ability to produce and use some of it's own enzymes, included in this product.
b. negative effects of food sensitivity other than digestive affecting other parts of the body, and not sticking with avoidance but becoming reliant on the enzymes, which may not do much for such cases outside digestion.

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