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Natual Remedies for pain associated with Firbromyalgia
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Natual Remedies for pain associated with Firbromyalgia

Have you ever heard of applying Kerosene to aching joints and muscles?
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Hey Caballos6.
Welcome to the forum.

Before you research Kerosine, why not consider one of the top pain remedies that works
better than most pain medications -to my humble opinion- and without any side effects
(except a bit of an odor through the skin after using it.)
It's called DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide). Please do a search for it.
Caution ! It is a very powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent that has been shown clinically to relieve pain, increase circulation, repair tissue .... However, it's also a potent driver/carrier, driving anything mixed with it, into the skin and eventually into the cells!
The skin has to be absolutely clean before using it.
Any added ingredients - like essential oils for example- must be pure and organic!
Hope this helps! Any questions on this, please post again.
For holistic advice, please post next time at the alternative therapies (forum rules).

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I suffer from Fibro, RA, OA, CFS, just to name a few.
To apply ANYTHING to your skin that has risks is NOT something I would recommend.
Rather...find a friend or physical therapist that is willing to apply glycerin based massage oil and give you a nice, full body, gentle, deep muscle massage! A hot tub soak with lavender oil can be helpful too.  PLEASE DO NOT apply kersene on your skin!
Good luck!
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