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pain help

I haven't posted here for a while but could use some encouragement:( my pain is back and it is a lot in my upper back and in my chest and I always think its heart related:( I had tons of tests done last year and of course nothing pointed to my heart...does anyone use gabapentin and does it work?? I always have pain but right now its pretty bad:( any encouragement would be appreciated:(
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Hey Jenny.
Nice to see you back, but of course not for the pain part.
Did you have a chance to check-out the link in my reply the last time
you posted here.
There were a few suggested tests and other alternative things to do for easing fibro symptoms.
I don't know if you should follow any other patients' comments on Gabapentin effectiveness, based on their own experiences, as these are
INDIVIDUAL experiences, positive or negative.
Gabapentin is an anti-epileptic drug and GABA analogue, also used for fibro, that should only be taken after the very careful risk/benefit assessment by your treating doctor.
Unfortunately, the assessment is not based on your need for more GABA
(a neurotransmitter manufactured in your body), but more like on the 33%
likelihood that it will help you with pain. A shot in the dark?
In an ideal world, neurotransmitter testing, would actually be available for patients instead of being exclusively available for pharmaceutical research,
to develop more psych drugs and antidepressants.
There are many adverse side effects, apparently in two thirds of people and
significant withdrawal symptoms, in case of discontinuation after prolonged use.

I started a thread a while back with many suggestions to deal with fibro symptoms, under "IWILLDOTHIS", if you wish to search here in this community for it.

There's an emotional component to fibromyalgia pains, stemming from
past events, as far back as in infancy.
Also in this are included: genetic factors, coping mechanisms, hidden stress, fears and beliefs in regards to pain diagnosis etc.
In any study that I have come across where the emotional factors were present, the manifestation of pain and the levels were much greater in the patients of the study compared to the "normals".

Message me if you wish to explore this further.

Love & Light

nice  nico

one medi tried was nortriptaline. 10mg >20mg last month. for all over pain,FM pain,  headaches migraine and perferial neuropathy.

i was deseprate. i refused amyltripaline 2 years ago..after reading about it.

i tried nortriptaline t for 4 weeks. it was starting to help some of the pain especially the feet..but i could;t deal with the mental..not myself and crying all the time, doom and gloom helpless.all antidepressants make me feel that way..

neurontin..not for me but i hear lots of people are on it..for preriferial neuropathy

i was    told last month   by a very good doc that gabapentin should be started at 100 mg and go up until it becomes effective.

i was given    years ago    300 mg 3x a day.. i only took the afternoon and evening dose and i was a zombie the whole next day. threw it away.

LAST week my pcp said (via nurse on phone) he went to pain conf. and they recommend
get this..

600mg 3x a day.  i have to ask him if that was a joke.

i read more than 900mg a day can harm your kidneys, do not know those details..

.i am sick of docs not listening to me. i told him i tried neurontin, the 300 way..and it made me out of it..

tired of them trying to treat me like i can't read..or talk with another doc! that i am nuts.  

they made me go to a shrink when my hip/butt hurt.  finally i got to an orthopedic ( after the shrink!
) and i have bursitis on the sits bone! Great! for 20 months  2 doctors, and no referral and i could have had this treated and gone by now!!!! at least i can try to treat this pain..i can;t sit can't stand for long and being in bed just to be comfortable..(gotta paint this bedroom since i am here a lot!! if only i had the energy and no pain! hubby do list ASAP

trying to make you laugh at the horrible medical vortex we get in when dock go quack on you and left high and dry..

i told them about my hip…he sent me to a shrink.. ha ha ha
i went the shrink so that she could confirm i was not nutsl. because the pcp did not think so.

ishe told him i am not nuts

when he checked my cortisol level it came back normal
he was surprised.! I am in pain, i am not nuts!
if it was high would that confirm his suspicion i was stressed out?

and the bursitis is from being home bound weight loss…i have no butt fat!  and bed ridden pain you quack of a doc!

be well  

Hi gibsongal.

Yes, I can sense your frustration.
It sounds all so familiar, as i went through a similar situation in my younger years which caused me to take health matters in my own hands! lol!
Never looked back.

Prolonged stress causes temporary higher cortisol levels, but as
stress levels stay elevated (chronic stress) the ability of the body to
produce higher levels of cortisol to deal with this declines and eventually
results in low cortisol levels. (adrenal fatigue, adrenal exhaustion)
When being tested for cortisol, saliva testing is the preferred and most accurate way to test.
Blood testing for cortisol, seems to be the conventional standard for Endocrinology, yet it can only measure total cortisol- bound and unbound-
which is totally wrong. so the results come back and your doctor says
"your cortisol levels are fine!" while your active type of available cortisol is low!!!
Forgive me for jumping ahead of myself here, should you have had a saliva test done.

I'm presently studying the placebo effect, which is way much greater than I I had originally suspected!
We possess the ability to self treat virtually anything.
Conventional medicine has stumbled upon this information accidentally,
a long time ago, however, it does not (officially) recognize it!

My hope is that I will be able to help people reach their highest healing potential through mind-body/energy medicine/hypnosis, regardless of the
type of illness or severity of symptoms.

Endorphins which are produced by the putuitary gland and hypothalamus, resemble opiates , and help us feel better and reduce the sensation of pain. Endorphins are believed to be 40.000 (not a typo) stronger than the best Heroin!!
Just imagine if we could all access this self-healing powerhouse through Meditation or Hypnosis within a brief session!
That's what I do.

Wish you well!

Love & Light
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