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pain unbearable
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pain unbearable

I've had fibro for almost twenty yrs and each yr I get worse, more pain, spreads more on the body, harder to move, stay awake, and pain is stronger ea yr. I am on several meds from a pain clinic.  I would like to go to a specialist to make sure I don't have Polymyalgia rheumatica also, I've read about it and have all the symtons along with fibro symtons. Drs. don't listen to us as we seem to be complainers about everything.  I feel after years of research that there is more, they have told me I also have osteoarthritis(my hands are crippled and feet are turning) some say I might have RA too. I am 61 and can't take life much more without help besides strong pain meds. I have so many other health issues it would take forever to list them.  Who do I go to for a thoughly exam so I feel I know exactly what I have and need to be treated.  Is Mayo Clinic where I need to come to.  I never have a day without fatique,sick, pain all over my body and for years I've had a good attitude but I am wearing down and need help.  Can you help me?  If you need any further information please write and I will forward any info you need. My childhood was terrible and stress has been a big part, plus alot of stressful things, divorce, daughter lives in a homosexual lifestyle since 15, worked two jobs most of my life to support my children and now I am disabled and feel useless and unneeded in this life. I'll await your anwser with great appreciation.  sincerely, Mandy help........................
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Dear Sufferer...I too am feeling the same exact symptoms as you are. The pain is so bad that I just roll back and forth in bed in agony. My pain over the years is also getting worse. I have had FM for 4 years or longer before I found out what it was. Major stress also triggered my FM. Divorce, moving, loss of my father and caring for my mother, neck surgery. I can barely get out of bed anymore. My doctor seems to no longer have any sympathy for me. The pain meds and cymbalta barely touch my pain if at all. I am so miserable that sometimes I wish I could just go to sleep and not wake up again. That sounds terrible I know. Like you I have tried to keep my chin up and keep going but too am getting worned down. I can't do grocery shopping anymore and I am single with no help. I get out very little and that's because I feel so terrible. I even force myself to do things like shop and clean the house and be sociable. I am so sick all the time and the pain never eases up. I  have no insurance and have applied for disability. I am no longer able to work not for 3 years. If only the pain could subside for just a little while so I could catch my breath. I to have Arthritis also and CFS. The depression is terrible but I am trying to keep going. I cry a lot. I feel that my life has been snatched away form me and I'm in a prison with no way out. I so feel for you and will keep you in my prayers. Where is there help for us? Why must we suffer this way with so many technological advancements in this world?

Lori O'Hagin
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I am really sorry but there are things you can do. I have had FM since 1992 and 7 surgereis on my spine. The thing with FM is building up your body in other ways.  Foods that we eat so affect us. Also taking supplements that help with fatigue will greatly improve your symptoms.
For years I have taken a low dose thyroid medication. A doctor I went to believe women with fibromyalgia had all the symptoms of thyroid problems even if the blood tests came back normal. I can't tell you how much this has helped me. In addition Cymbalta is exellent for depression and fibromyalgia pain.  I too take pain meds but pain meds alone will not be the answer. A comination of supplements, eliminating certain foods like anything with while flour (white bread, cakes, cookies, sugar, caffeine) you can have this stuff just in moderation. I have stopped eating a lot of it because I've seen how bad it makes me feel but at least trying not to have it often helps.

Supplements that really help fibromyalgia:
B12 shots or supplement
Vitamine D
Grapefruit Seed Extract - for immune system
Astragalus - a natural antibiotic
Fish Oil

My childhood was also a traumatic situation. Two days before my 13th birthday my 12 year old sister died from heart disease.  It was a complete shock to me. In addition my older sister has been an addict my entire life, she has so adversely affected our family. It was a rough ride. I was car jacked when I was older. So I have post traumatic stress and panic attacks. What I have learned is stress and sadness adds so much to our fm pain. We have to learn how to process the intense painful feelings we have from our past hurts, feel them and then move on.  If we don't we hold them with us every minute of every day.  And pain comes out in one way of another and with us, FM sufferes I think we manifest it in the form of pain. I too go through such rough periods where I do nothing but cry and feel so much physical and emotional pain. But I've learned I will not live long if I continue to allow myself to keep doing it. I don't push the feelings away, I feel them when they are there but then I try to do other things to bring myself out of the emotional pain. We have so much around us that is good and beautiful. Please try to see that so you can try to improve your spirit.

If you have not seen a rheumatolgist please do soon. He/she will do blood work that can rule out lupus, arthritis and other medical issues. Or if you have them you can start to be treated for them.
You might have too much uric acid in your hands. The foods I mentioned eliminating might help with that.
There is also a cream I cannot live without. You can get it at  It's Nutra Ultra MSM Cream.  It's amazing for pain. I put it on  my hands, feet and low back daily.  I swear it is healing my pain.  

Please know there are others out here feeling so much like you and there are options and answers.  Seeing doctors and finding the right plan of action is so critical.  But taking part in that plan of action on a daily basis will help you feel much more in control of your own body and mind.

All the best my dear.  Annette
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