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I feel scared and helpless!
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I feel scared and helpless!

Okay. I'm a 20-year old female, 5'4" and 150 lbs. Back in March I was diagnosed with GERD. In the past 3 months alone I've had about 7 ER visits, and I've seen 3 different doctors multiple times. I was put on Nexium twice a day, and am still in the process of getting tests done. My gallbladder is slightly abnormal but the doctor's aren't sure whether or not it's whats causing my symptoms, which are as follows:

-fleeting chest pain around sternum- feels tight, like someone is pressing on my chest
-horrible acid reflux, no matter what I eat
-constant pain under left and right armpits, around sides and ribcage; occasionally shoots into my back. the pain in my armpits is also brought on just by touch, like the muscles are tender
-the occasional heart palpitation

I have developed horrible anxiety problems, as well as headaches that are from stress, I assume. I smoked for about a year and quit a week ago- so far so good! Unfortunately, quitting smoking hasn't helped as much as I'd hoped it would with my reflux and chest pains.

I honestly have forgotten what it's like to really feel FINE. To have NO pain at all. I will admit I'm a bit of a hypochondriac, but I am easily scared and I don't feel like the doctors really understand the pain I'm in.

I just wanna know, does anyone else have these symptoms? What did you find relieved them, if anything?
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You might has GERD, Gastritis, and possible Gastroparesis caused by the gastrtis. It took me 3 and half months to get it under control until the doctor told me to take antibiotics which really messed me up.

Suggest you get a endoscope done if you have not already. And ask for ALL reports, the doctors don't tell you everything. I had severals scopes done, they failed to tell me I had gastritis. Also get a bilruban test for for gallbladder, if its high then you have a blockage.

I been in the same exact situation, and actually back in it as well, I was told to stop a PPI and now I cannot even drink water. If you ever need support please contact me...

God Bless,
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It could be a Hiatal Hernia, search it up.....
The reason I speculate is because you have acid reflux with every thing you eat.

Or it could be Gastritis like the other person said...

Have you changed your det at all?
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Hello. I have been having similar problems, strangely enough, also since March of this year. It's been one thing after another, and I'm getting fed up with it all. I've only been in the ER twice so far. I will relate to you what I experienced.

- Started out with gagging in the morning that went away after a few days.
- Developed a cough, which also went away.
- Pressure under sternum, which occurs on and off.
- Occasional chest pains.
- Acid reflux.
- I also get the pains under my left and right armpits and around the sides of my ribcage.
- Pain/stiffness between my shoulder blades, and sometimes in the shoulders themselves. The pain can sometimes be described as "burning".
- Periods of excessive abdominal growling.
- Frequent belching, especially during meals and after drinking liquids.
- Very mild, short lived pains under my right and left ribs. Happens more so under my right ribs lately, near my gallbladder and colon.
- Occasional excessive mucus in throat.
- Muscle spasms all over various regions of my body (probably unrelated to all of this, or brought on by stress from this crap)

My appetite is fine. I have no nausea/vomiting. No weight loss. No bloody/tarry stools.

Tests I've had done:

- 3 CBCs (all normal)
- Liver function test (normal)
- Pancreatic function amylase/lipase (normal)
- Diabetes test (negative)
- H. Pylori test (negative)
- Cholesterol levels (normal)
- Blood thickness (normal)
- Endoscopy (showed grade 2 GERD)
- Ultrasound of Liver, Kidneys, Gallbladder, Pancreas (all normal, with the exception of a "slightly fatty liver")

I'm having more tests done soon, such as a HIDA scan. Will let you know how they go. Please keep me updated as well. I'd like to know if you get a diagnosis that goes beyond GERD. It just feels like there is an underlying cause for the GERD that the doctors are overlooking. Thanks and good luck!
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Hi there,

Did you ever find out what it was that you had? I have the same exact symptoms you have listed:

fleeting chest pain around sternum- feels tight, like someone is pressing on my chest
-horrible acid reflux, no matter what I eat
-constant pain under left and right armpits, around sides and ribcage;

I have tried different doctors. None of them seem to know what is wrong with me.

Let me know if you can!!
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You might want to investigate Dr. Koufman's work and try this diet since the other docs seem to be getting nowhere...
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sometimes certain stds bring on gerd did you have any type of contact with any one within  a couple of weeks of the gerd ?kissing oral ,etc. infection or diet? that is the question.i have gerd not sure if it was brought on by recent scare {nerves}.
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Quit taking nexium. It did the same to me so did prosaic try Zantac and Tums. It killed my underarms and they wld itch. Please try this.
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