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gerds chest pain
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gerds chest pain

I have GERDs and have been experiencing chest pains on the left side since before Christmas.  I went to Dr. and was put on Prevacid 2x's daily for 2 wks. if pain did not go away, was to go to cardiologist.  Ended up having a stress test and a heart catherization.  Dr. said heart was fine and was not cause of chest pain.  I am still experiencing this pain and have now been put on Nexium, which I have taken before with good results.  What could be causing this constant pain?  I do have an appt. next week with doctor to go over heart cath reports and definitely plan on seeing gastro. doctor, but would appreciate your opinion.  Normally the antacids usually take care of this. Thank you.
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Hi jc1954,
If the heart is fine, then your chest pain is a non-cardiac chest pain.

Non-cardiac chest pain could be due to various reasons -
1. GI causes inclduing GERD
2. Musculoskeletal pain
3. Neuropsychaitric problems

To find out whether the pain is due to GI causes you need to undergo the following tests -

1. Upper GI endoscopy
2. 24 hours pH monitoring

Discuss with your doctor regrading all these.
The information provided is for patients’ education only and is not a medical advice. Always consult your personal physician for complete evaluation of your health problem.

- Ratnakar Kini M.D.
I was told I had gerd after my gallbladder was removed and I still had disabling pain in the middle of my chest area between my breasts. Before my gallbadder surgery, which I had done because of gallstones, I hurt in the middle all the way through me to my back, also on the right side. The pain was and is unbearable. Before, they always thought it was the gallstones but now know it wasn't only coming from that. They blamed all pain in that area on my gallbladder. Because of that experience, I have learned to go ahead and request any test to rule out my heart or anything else it may be. Doctors tend to blame whatever pain you have on whatever they have determined is wrong, causing them to miss other problems. scary I know!! When I'm in pain tho antacids do help some and for some reason so does ice water. I hope you find out the problem, I have acid reflus as well, a stomach ulcer and gerd but I fear I have pancreas since I had the gallstones!  Each time I go to the hospital with pain tho they always check my heart to be sure its not that and that makes me feel alot better just knowing I'm not having a heart attack. My advice is to always go to a specialist and to get a second opinion! Wishing you the best of health!!
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