how long can trapped gas stay in your system?
by walkthruhell, Apr 01, 2010
so ive been having chest pains for a week now. I looked up all my symptoms online and concluded that it was probably just trapped gas. I have been belching and passing gas a lot. i notice that when i do so, it eases my chest pains some but never all the way. i ended up going to the dr because im also experienceing shortness of breath. he took a chest xray, and all my vitals and said everything looked good. so all he ended up doing was prescribing me ibuprofen to ease my chest pains. i guess my question is can gas last an entire week? since my doctor couldnt find anything else, im at a loss and dont know what to do. ive taken gas x and like i said it eases the pain a bit but never all the way. is it possible that i could need a stronger dose or do anything else to get out the trapped gas (if that is what it is!) also, is it okay for me to be taking the ibuprofen and gas x at the same time?
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by waffenamp, Apr 01, 2010
R u a smoker?
by walkthruhell, Apr 02, 2010
im not a smoker at all. i used to smoke pot when i was younger but i havent in a really long time, and my doctor said my lungs checked out fine.