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Ask questions on Gastroenterology issues: Acid Reflux (GERD), Barretts Esophagus, Colitis, Colon/Bowel Disorders, Crohn's Disease, Diverticulitis/ Diverticulosis, Digestive Disorders and Stomach Pain.

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beowolf80810 minutes
vickybabeFeb 25, 2009
constatlyinpainDec 04, 2007
vzayDec 04, 2007
By constatlyinpain Blank
Have you ever had that "my stomach is going to growl" tightness that just won't go away? It hurts just enough to rea...
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By newuser2412
Hello Everyone, I once again come to this forum, because I feel extremely uncomfortable from when I wake up to whe...
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By Nicole86823
I have been having an issue with blood in my stool for a little bit, but now I'm no longer having bowel movements and...
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jrami7 hours
By Mpage86 Blank
For the past 10 months I have experienced 5 episodes of right upper quadrant pain that begins 4 days before my period...
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Rearea3210 hours
By kremesko
I went for endoscopy because I was having stomach issues, but no pain...just horrible silent reflux that made me chok...
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By Rearea32
OK so I'm 33 and this past year I began to feel extremely tired. I couldn't get enough sleep and had to force myself ...
1343209 tn?1276219795
Rearea3211 hours
TammyC68Jun 11, 2010
kelly0312Jun 10, 2010
By TammyC68 Blank
Hi, I'm a 41 year old female. I recently had a sharp pain just to the left of my sternum near my rib, the pain also h...
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By cwatt1
I have had severe acid reflux ever since I underwent gall bladder surgery in the summer of 2012, although I don't kno...
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JohnMaple17 hours
CledgeMay 21
DJM05May 18
mbottMay 16
AlexGreenMay 09
By paigey1991 Blank
All my life i have been unable to burp. I have these awful embarrassing involuntary gurgles that are sometimes loud a...
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By mary567
My son who is 38 had his sigmoid colon removed when he was 30. He now just got a diverticulitis attack 3 weeks ago a...
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leighw26May 24
AlyssakkJan 22
zianaizSep 13, 2010
frankpghMay 21, 2010
personalevolutionMay 02, 2010
By JenT79 Blank
A little over a year ago, about 2 months after I had my second child, I had my Gall Bladder removed. Less than a week...
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Jenjen1975Nov 07, 2014
coughtingJun 29, 2009
By buckywebb Blank
I've been having pain under my left rib cage for several months now. At first, it would go away for awhile and then ...
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MTHERBOct 07, 2014
mskissable951Aug 31, 2012
By snoopy_301 Blank
I have had mildly elevated lipase (amylase always normal) for 9 months. At times I have stomach pains and always hav...
154765 tn?1237251544
changmcJun 04, 2014
court71May 07, 2014
AiriiiMar 16, 2014
Beh5Feb 20, 2013
By bip Blank
I have a bloated stomach 24 hours a day when I eat it gets worst........Can someone please tell me what this can caus...
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havefaith7Jun 15, 2015
NormanredJun 15, 2015
Chelsa1111May 07, 2015
Paderla Anitha, DNB  May 28, 2014
By eaglestarship Blank
Almost two months ago, I had some type of stomach bug and was sick for about 6 days. I got through that, had an anti...
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Quince30Sep 13, 2015
Hello, I had an endoscopy last wednesday with this report: STOMACH. Gastritis: mild erythematous / exudative with n...
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CamGil15Sep 08, 2015
Scchick106Sep 19, 2013
cfjdMay 31, 2013
tie884Oct 22, 2010
By hayes1203 Blank
I have a really bad gag reflex, and for the last three months I've felt like dry heaving like 24/7! My stomach doesn...
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ACsmith33May 23
Holly5757Feb 26
alproblemsDec 20, 2013
AVW88Dec 20, 2013
slickarooj24Feb 17, 2009
By AJWS6 Blank
The past few weeks, everytime I eat a meal even a small meal, a can of soup with a sandwich, my stomach bloats real b...
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oslooskarMay 23
Pattygto1Apr 05
Ayka45Aug 24, 2014
gloriaspatesAug 14, 2014
Zoe38Feb 21, 2014
By jeannie711 Blank
I am 60 yo femal in good health except.....I have had GERD for years. I had fundliplication surgery in 1998. I did ...
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GOMBMay 23
boronApr 24, 2008
By Jordan719 Blank
Is it normal to have gurgling stomach noises all the way down in your pelvis area? It is not normal to me and feels ...
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