sub total colectomy - slow transit constipation
by bloodybloated, Nov 29, 2007
After many years of ODS, I was diagnosed last year with slow transit constipation.  In June this year i had a sigmoid colectomy for partial sigmoid volvulus.  this has helped the obstruction, but since then my bowel has basically stopped working, and is extrememly laxative resistant.  Whereas before surgery i could have a bowel movement (although not formed) daily or twice daily with the help of a couple of laxatives and suppositories, and hours in the loo.

I am due 5 tests next year under another consultant.  i have been told by my present consultant that subtotal colectomies are a 50/50 risk in that 50 per cent get better, and 50 per cent get diarrohea or become incontinent and require a bag.  Is this just this consultants view (he is a professor at a UK hospital), or do people generally fair well after such a procedure?  

I am finding it difficult to get any kind of information on the internet as to whether subtotal colectomy is a useful procedure in cases like mine.

thanks for your time i appreciate it.
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by bridgefreak, Nov 30, 2007
I too was diagnosed with slow transit constipation after much testing.No colectomy,but i do have an ileostomy and I HATE IT!!!!!! It made me worse!! I developed a huge hernia and diversion colitis(colon still intact).I had to go to12 different surgeons and much agony before finding one who has me scheduled for a reversal!! THANK GOD!!! DIVERSION COLITIS is when stool is bypassed from the colon and it gets inflamed,sore and bleeds!!NOT FUN!!! HERNIAS hurt and block up too,so get a few opinions or you may end up even worse!! Any surgery on your colon will have adverse(possibly for the worse)effects on your BMs.So I am not surprised that you are worse off.Maybe you should mention a procedure called ILEORECTAL  ANASTAMOSIS to your surg.that is where they remove the colon and staple the sm bowel to the rectum.most people with your condition respond nicely,vs ostomy and complications such as I mentioned.TRUST ME PLEASE!!! I do not want to see anyone suffer as I have.I was also an LPN back in 99,so i have some medical background.Plus my personal experience!  BEST OF LUCK TO YOU!!!!
by bloodybloated, Dec 04, 2007
Thanks for your comments.  I have never heard of diversion colitis.

Yes, I have had opinions from 3 consultants.  two out of three say subtotal colectomy is the only way forward - that is where they remove most of the large bowel, then attaching the sm bowel to the end, but leaving about a foot intact with the rectum.  the only problem i was told is that if you take too little away, you are left no different, and if too much is removed you end up incontinent.  i will have to see what my present consultant says after tests next year - thats how long it takes to wait over here...

I am sorry for your awful plight - you are so young too - i am 45 but had ibs type problems since my mid 30's.  glad your mood is 'happy' today... What are you going to do about your slow transit - seeing as they are going to stick it back together again??  
by bridgefreak, Dec 06, 2007
well I will just have to go back to doing enemas LOL!! I have to do them now anyways with short chain fatty acids for this awful diversion colits. OH WELL, maybe some day they will find a cure?? But I do not want to be incontinent either,so I guess dealing with enemas is better then a hernia that hurts like aSOB or feeling like someone took a cheesegrater to your colon.I have a stent in my sigmoid colon,and they think that may have an impact on the slow transit,as it seems to be stimulating it to want to move LOL!! I had a bad stricture in the lower colon,that is why the stent is there now. But I am definately looking forward to surgery in january!!! NO MORE BAG!!!!! HURRAY!!!
by HealthyinNYC, Dec 28, 2007
Hi- I just stumbled upon this site, but I wanted to share my experience. I too suffered for many years with slow transit constipation, which lead to many hospital admissions and miserable days. I too had a sigmoid colectomy with ceopexy and continued to suffer for the next year and a half afterward. I finally decided to go through with a subtotal colectomy-I have about 8 cm of rectum. (ileorectal anastomosis). I have never felt better. I eat without any problems, no issues with incontinence whatsoever. Everything seems better, from my GI tract to my skin. I will leave my email since I do not frequent this site, but I'm happy to share my thoughts to those who need an ear. All the best, Chasity. ***@****
by HealthyinNYC, Dec 28, 2007
I'll see if this works... cab at nyu  dot edu !
by bloodybloated, Dec 29, 2007
Thanks for your comments - it has really helped me feel a lot better about the future.  do you have much large bowel left over?  kind regards. k
by Bad_Luck_Gut, Jan 23, 2008
How did the subtotal colectomy work out for you?  I was diagnosed in December with slow transit constipation.  This seemed to happen after I had a couple instances where I had partial bowel obstructions.  The doctor suggests that I have my large colon removed.  YIKES!!!  I am worried about complications and I would like to know how others have gotten through this.  I have lost over 50 lbs...  and eating anything comes with a price.  Right now, I schedule a bowel movement once or twice a week by loading up on Miralax and docolax.  My gut, under my ribs and lower back is often painful.  When that extreme full feeling comes on, I now get heartburn and the feeling that things are coming up instead of going down.  Extremely frustrating.....  but I am concerned about having surgery.  Please share your experiences...  Thanks.
by Bad_Luck_Gut, Jul 02, 2008
Hello....  thought that I'd give an update...  May 28th i had surgery to remove my large colon.  During the surgery, the doctor found that a hernia mesh (2002) had adhered itself to my small intestines and she had to remove that portion as well.    What a mess.   I seem to be recovering ok....anyone words of wisdom on how long this recovery process is going to take?
by roxannedaz, May 06, 2010
Hi im due a total colectomy in a month, due to slow transit constipation that has bn a prblem foreva!! im 34 and now 6stne10 with bmi of 15,, not good,

will my probs bloating go away after the op?? and hw long does it take for operation swelling to go down, im havn laparoscopy colectomy, any info would b aprreciated thanks