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Are you going to take Thyroid's Gluten /Sugar Free Challenge?
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Welcome to our Gluten-Free GroupTrack Challenge! Together, we'll see if we can feel better. Looking forward to seeing you all soon! . (* Please check with your physician before changing your diet)

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Are you going to take Thyroid's Gluten /Sugar Free Challenge?

NOTE from GroupTrack 5/5/11:
In conjunction with the Thyroid Disorders Community,  and any other interested members or Communities, let's see if going gluten-free  can, in fact, help us lose weight and feel better. Some members have chosen to go Gluten & Glucose free.  Others prefer just Gluten Free.

This group is open to everyone - not just thyroid patients.
(* Please check with your physician. before changing your diet)


Copied from Stella5349's original post in Thyroid from 12/10

I'd like to attempt a forum experiment with diet changes to see if changing certain things we consume can in fact - help us as individual thyroid patients.

Would you consider coming on board with me on this?

In the little time I have had lately to really dig deep on the diet changes (particularly gluten-free and zero sugar) I was thinking WE could try this as a forum community and track our personal results. Maybe both weight and thyroid results.

This would be a long haul of diligent work - about a 6 mth commitment but offering ourselves in diet changing to see if weight loss and thyroid wellness could be achieved with this may be something we could try. It certainly would be a tracking tool to see if this "could" be something of study if many community members made a committment to try it?

I played around with gluten-free with it myself last year and actually had significate weight loss - I felt thyroid well regardless but now that I have returned to "bad" diet choices due to working and not paying attention to what I am shoving in my mouth to eat :(   - I recently went to the doctor and gained a dredded 5 pounds in 4 short weeks!

Sadly, I am NOT happy I gained this weight. AND - looking back I may had felt better thyroid-wise when I was really trying to stick to the basic eating I had done a while back.

I know this gluten idea is not backed at all for thyroid, and I certainly don't want to roar the board in this, I do find it interesting to entertain a personal wellness record just trying a basic diet to see what each of our outcomes may be.

What are the highlights of this gluten-free / supplement basics to make this diet choice to see?

There's 2 things that I see need to be blended if we would give it our best shot to know how each of us respond.  

1. an entirely strick diet of no gluten
2. a low glycemic-index diet similiar to what diabetic patients do in their nutrition intake

To make it clear on potential participators, this would NOT be an alternative to what your doctors are treating you with. This is not an elimination of medications but just a simple choice to eat simply and avoid some things in addition to what your treatment plan is.

*** And, of course, please be sure this is okay with your personal physician for you ****

I am hoping we can come together on this and try it. Maybe even a standard exercise plan of kegals or mild walking commitment with it to see if we boost something to track our wellness, good or bad.

What do you think? I personally am going to go back to it January 1st and this time really track my progress. Can you do this with me?
Yep! - I am onboard - I'll email you
YEP - and I posted a comment below so you know who I am.
No, I can't do it.. sorry. not for me.
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Very interested in this!
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We're also looking for a member to run the group here, so please help spread the word and, also, feel free to invite any new members!


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Let's use our tickers, too!
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I am shocked at how much better I feel off of gluten and how many things gluten seems to effect. Even my acne clears up! I've not had any difference in my Thyroid levels when I'm off gluten but I think it might help from making it any worse. I'm not always gluten free, once in a great while I'll splurge (like my birthday!) But my body feels so much better in so many ways without it!! I definitely have trouble keeping weight off when I'm eating gluten. Now if I could just stay away from sugar!!
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I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia over 15 years ago. Nothing helped and all was given was meds. Still not much help.Then about 3 years ago my niece got very ill. She was only in her 30s. She lost weight,had nausea all the time,extreme fatigue so that she could hardly take care of her child. She had bloating, diarrhea ,achy muscles and joints..Finally she was tested and had Celiac Disease..After doing no gluten whatsoever ( and it is hidden in so many things even ketchup and soy sauce) she got much better in just a short while and is now thriving with no symptoms.
She called me because she knew I had been feeling ill for awhile and I was tested and no Celiac on the test. I went on the Celiac diet and dadaa I got better really quick. I felt better in only 2 days..Don't let the Celiac test discourage you because being intolerant has the same symptoms. I tell anyone to try it for 2 weeks just to see and most people are amazed...GMO is also killing us..
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