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For women and men who believe that birth is a natural process that requires little or no medical intervention welcome to We Want a Natural Birth. For those who are unsure about natural childbirth please join us as we will use many MedHelp trackers, health pages, polls, FAQ's, videos and resources to share about the pros, cons, delights and fears of birthing naturally. This is a peaceful place of refuge for expecting mommies and daddies alike! Please note that I am not a medical professional and this forum is a public domain. If you have any medical concerns you will always be asked to consult with your doctor or midwife. I will also be posting links to graphic birth photos and videos (you will always be forewarned).

Founded by JoyRenee on February 22, 2011
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Welcome! I am Joy and the creator of this group. If you have found your way to 'We Want a Natural Birth' (WWNB) you must be expecting so I offer my congratulations! You must also know that having a natural birth, ironically, can be filled with many obstacles in the United States (and other countries). I am here to help guide you in planning your natural birth, answering your questions, providing resources and having some fun!

If you've found this group because it is your first or you're unsure about what road to take to your child's birth please stay and chat, ask questions and be prepared to learn a lot about the amazing capabilities of your body. Even if you do not choose a natural birth I hope I can help you achieve as much planning for your child's upcoming arrival as possible.

No one is here to judge. If a mother finds she needs a cesarean we still support her and encourage her and offer resources to help her have as peaceful a cesarean as possible (for example: getting to bond with baby immediately after birth rather than having them whisked away!). And if a mother ends up with an epidural or other drugs we do not scorn her nor is she weak nor a failure. We all must make our own personal choices and the point of our group is to educate and empower one another to find what will make the most peaceful birth for our baby with the ultimate goal being a drug-free birth.

Topics we'll cover include: episiotomies, fetal monitoring, home birth vs. hospital vs. birth center, birth rape, birth trauma, cesareans, birth plans, childbirth statistics in the USA, obstetricians vs. midwives vs. unassisted birth, water birth, induction, delayed cord clamping and so so so much more.

So go ahead and grab yourself a cup of Red Raspberry Leaf tea, wrap yourself up in a cozy blanket and open your mind to the possibilities that you are powerful, you are capable and you were created to give birth.

♥ Love ♥

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Hi there, I'm in UK and just recently found out about hypnobirthing! What is your take on this? I'm 6months pregnant and would love any advice you could give me - getting very anxious about labour now (my daughter will be 10 when new arrival is born so a bit out of practice!)

Many Thanks, Emma
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Emma, I have heard many women have great success with Hypnobirthing. I do not really know too much about it and I'm not personally into hypnosis so it just isn't something I have really thought about. But like I said, lots of success stories!

I think women will naturally focus inward in transition labor (the more intense but shortest phase of labor when you dilate those last few centimeters). I should really read up on the Hypnobirthing method to know more about it because this is probably part of the method. But when I was in labor I had to keep talking to myself over and over. I'd say things (not aloud) like, "Relax your muscles. Your muscles are like pudding. Breathe deeply and slowly. Breathe deeply and slowly." Other women have a focus object that they stare at (I kept my eyes closed during a contraction).
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I plan on on hypno birthing as well. A great docimentary movie I recommend to all of you ladies is "the business of being born" with executive producer Ricki Lake and director abby Epstein. They sell it online at best but for 15a dollars. This movie opened my eyes. My friend just had her baby at home in her tub using hypno birthing and had a great experience. I see all these mothers giving birth naturally and it is so empowering. This will be my first and we have no Insurance at this time but will have medical soon. They actually cover some natural birthing centers. I would like to do it at home but my husband is worried about complications.  We will see if I can talk him into at home birth if we have no complications. I know for sire I want this and I hope you all seriously look into it. This is my plan and I am so excited. When people start to tell their stories I ask them to stop because everyones experience is different. But remember it is your choice not someone elses. So do what's best for you all seriously. Bit please watch this video its a great one and its good for males and females . Good luck in your pregnancies. :-)
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I'm so glad I've been steered in this direction! This is an awesome group.

Both of my babies were natural.

First was 42 weeks gestation, 9.1lbs, & born w/out pain medication or epidural.

Second was born 41 weeks gestation, 7.9lbs, born under water, unassisted, &  w/o meds or epidural. I pulled him from the water, let the cord remain while I breastfed for about an hour, once the cord stopped pulsating, my husband cut it and I continued to breastfeed until I felt contractions to deliver the placenta.

Breastfeeding and Birth are the most amazing experiences. <3
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I'm glad to have found this group too! Let's see if we can get it going again :)

My first son was natural at a hospital until 9cm. He was posterior and high up, I had strong back labor. At 9cm I believe he finally descended and that is when we discovered there had been a cord prolapse. Since then I have learned that my doctor never should have broken my water at 5cm because with posterior babies they are higher up and this greatly increases the chance of a cord prolapse (when it drops in front of the cervix opening- it is life threatening). Unfortunately, most doctors view amniotomy (breaking of membranes) as a "risk-free" way to speed up labor and do it during most births unless the mother objects.

This time around, I have chosen to do a home birth with a CNM midwife because I believe it is the safest option and the one most likely to end with less interventions that could cause harm to the baby or I. Also, it is VERY difficult to not only have a 100% natural childbirth in a hospital, but especially if you are a VBAC patient as they put many more restrictions on you then a "normal" mother.

It's great to have found another supportive group!
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