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Please help doc
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Please help doc

Hi. 2 weeks ago on Saturday I had intercourse with this guy. We did use a candor but at this point I don't even know cuz of all symptoms maybe he took it off. My symptoms started around day 3 after exposure
Day3 cramps bloating gassy weird activity in my stomach
Day 4 nipples sore, alot weird vaginal discharge, feeling run down, weird activity like alot of gurgling in my stomach
Day5 flu like symptoms. Chillies night sweats , hot flashes, nausea, sore nipples ,achy body, alot of gurgling in my stomach. Weird heart beat. Feeling full in abdominal area
Day6 the same like day 5  
Day 7 the same like day 5 asking little pimple on a middle of the lip. No apatite.This day I went to regency room cuz I thought I was coming down with something. They did some blood work for pregnancy and because of discharge they did gonoreeah and chlamidia tests.
Day8  the same like day 5 adding sweating and muscle acing anal and vaginal itching and burning. This day I went to my regular clinic the lady did all the test again hiv gonoreah chlamidia
Day9 the same herpes sifilis. After I left few hours latter emergency room called from the day I went before telling me that the test came back and gonoreeah is positive. They gavel some kind of perception of 1 oral intake I took it.
Day 10 the same like day5-9
Day 11 sore lymph notes , sore throat, itching burning vaginal area adding paper cut like park on the side of the lip also tingling in the lips. Lower back pain( hiv test came back negative still no std results)

Day12 swollen lymph nodes , sore throat, itching burning tingling in vaginal area, paper cut mark on the lip and tingiling apdominal discomfort, dry mouth lower back pain( this day I got my period so being pregnant is out of question)
Day13chest pain toothache, sore throat, swollen lymph nodes, sneezing, abdominal discomfort weird activity in the stomach, fatigue, lip tingling dry mouth
Day14 chest pain toothache sore burning nipples came back very sensitive skin dry mouth, lower back pain fatigue in the evening. Still burning and itching in vaginal area

Tried  to put all the details day by day I might have missed something small but most of it is there.
Ok so it has been 2 weeks. My questions are
1.What are my chances that this is ARS symtoms (symptoms)?
2. Do symptoms of hiv start showing up this early? What r my chances of getting hiv from that intercourse? I know I got tested only 9 days after sex so it wouldn't show up this early.
3. Could this all be gonoreeah side effects? Even that I took the medication
4. To me it seams that it could be herpes? But I can't seem to find sores down in vaginal area.
5.what else could it be some other std? I'm so scared of hiv at this point anxiety is out of control. I started second guessing the hole night what if he took the condom off or something. I'm so scared. I always practice safe sex and never had anything like this before . Still waiting for std results but I took the test sooo early I'm afraid alot of things won't show up
Please help!
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Sorry not sure how I posted here ment for doc page
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