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What's wrong with my ear?
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What's wrong with my ear?

About 7 months ago in the course of a week my right ear began to feel clogged, full, i was dizzy, had some vergito spells, pressure headaches, ringing in my ear and a sore neck.

I've had a CT, MRI (showed sinus infection but I had a cold during my MRI and took 2 rounds of antiobiotics which didn't improve anything), balance testing and blood work all which are normal.  Although my dizziness has improved I'm still left with head pain, a constant 'roaring' sound in my 'bad' ear, occasional sinus pain, reduced hearing, neck/head popping sounds and some tremors in my neck/head.

I saw an ENT and he diagnosed with with Meinere's but after researching a bit I think I have more symptoms involved.  For some reason my neck by my 'bad' ear is constantly sore, I seem to get these head/neck popping sounds espically if I move in certain positions, my nerves in my face and neck are affected and I tend to get tremors or muslce spasms here as well.

I read an account of a lady with a perilymph fistula (PLF) who leaked CSF which caused tremors, headaches and other neurological symptoms all of which I've experienced.  The only thing with my 'theroy' is that my dizziness is gone and only comes back on occasion.  I'm wondering if I can have a PLF somewhere else in the ear which doesn't affect dizziness or if over the last 7 months I got use to the dizziness somehow.

I really do think that some sort of trama happened to my ear.  I first noticed the neck spasms after swimming unwater around 5 feet deep where i felt a tinge of pain my ear... a few weeks later a Chiro. did an 'ear adjustment' to open my eustation tubes and that's when things really got worse.

Any insight would be very helpful.

Thank You,

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What did your audiogram show?  Many of your symptoms do sound like hydrops (Meniere's disease).

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advice - the information presented is for patients education only.
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individual case.
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