On beta blocker while taking a stress test
by Gbello, Dec 12, 2002
I recently had a stress test ( not nuclear).  I have been taking Inderal for about 20 years.  The cardiologist did not have me discontinue the meds before I took the test. Would the presence of this medication in my system have any effect on the results of this test? The meds help keep my heart from racing and keeps my whole system from going crazy.
The results came back as "normal".

Thank you
by CCF-M.D.-KE, Dec 12, 2002
Dear gbello,

When an exercise stress test is being conducted, a target heart rate must be reached for the test to have  validity. Beta blockers can blunt the maximum heart rate a person can achieve during exercise. Thus, we routinely ask patients not to take beta blockers on the day of the test, which may allow for a higher peak heart rate during exercie. However, it is possible to reach the target heart rate while on a beta blocker. Therefore,if your doctor found the results to be normal it probably did not affect the test. This does not apply for stress tests  using persantine or adensine which do not require exercise.

Thanks for your question,

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by Gbello, Dec 12, 2002
Thank you so much for replying to my query. I appreciate your time and opinion.
by wailan, Dec 13, 2002
    I recently took a stress test while on a beta blocker as well and they told me that I had passed that portion of it. Because I exercised for 12 minutes? But the beta blocker did help me to go longer so I wonder if they take all that under accountability? Which makes me wonder if I truly passed or if the beta blocker did the trick? Wailan