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This forum is for questions and support regarding heart issues such as: Angina, Angioplasty, Arrhythmia, Bypass Surgery, Cardiomyopathy, Coronary Artery Disease, Defibrillator, Heart Attack, Heart Disease, High Blood Pressure, Mitral Valve Prolapse, Pacemaker, PAD, Stenosis, Stress Tests.

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NikkiG75May 17
addzeeyFeb 04, 2013
CCF HeartMD6 Feb 04, 2013
By addzeey Blank
Hello , late last year I was diagnosed with a very sudden onset of costochondritus. I Had all the tests done at the...
5518618 tn?1369141696
ramyasredharanDec 19, 2015
CCFHeart MD23 Jun 01, 2013
By ashwin06 Blank
Below are my Dad's 2 -D echo report results..Can any one please tell me how good are the results or there is pain a...
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ReneAugSep 10, 2015
mostofaApr 27, 2011
sai14Sep 25, 2009
Cleveland Clinic Sep 24, 2009
By sai14 Blank
my age is 23m? i have blood cpk value is 1000? what about this? any medicine about this?how to control? life rate?
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CantonaccMar 20
Tray7198Feb 23, 2008
joananddavidAug 19, 2001
CCF-M.D.-CRCJun 11, 2001
By JenF22 Blank
Hello, I am a 26 year old non-smoking, non-drinking female. I was diagnosed with Scimitar Syndrome at age 6 when ...
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serozhahFeb 14
CCFHeartMD 26 Sep 12, 2013
By dd115 Blank
Today I received the results back of a Comp Metabolic Panel, Lipid Panel, CBC w/diff, etc. All results for everythin...
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TEMMYTOOct 17, 2010
TL57Jan 16, 2010
DrCainNov 09, 2006
BarbarellaNov 03, 2006
By mmeee Blank
I am a 27 year old female & I started having BP problems about a year ago (at least that's when I first found out). I...
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sjatJan 13
lyndahmrNov 10, 2011
JIM SITHERSJul 25, 2001
Cleveland Clinic, MD Dec 28, 1999
By Harvey Gainer Blank
My Father-in-law is a 70 year old white non-smoker. With a history of diabetes, no history of high blood pressure. ...
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LisacacciatoreDec 14, 2015
Jess515Dec 27, 2013
amelianailerJan 19, 2010
TStarrAug 28, 2002
VALERIAJul 25, 2002
By dcmom Blank
I have been having PAC's since 12/01. They began while I was taking Allegra-D, but did not stop when the medication ...
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kevintomsOct 31, 2015
LaurieJul 30, 2000
Cleveland Clinic, MD Jul 30, 2000
By Laurie Blank
I have been diagnosed with Andersens syndrome a rare form of periodic paralysis that includes a long QT charactoristi...
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johnnyL53Oct 29, 2015
octavia880Jan 22, 2012
paintsflowersJan 14, 2012
motherfrogerJan 10, 2012
Lionsbee111Sep 19, 2011
By phyl Blank
I have had three episodes now during the middle of the night that are terrifying. (One was just while laying around) ...
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anujyAug 24, 2015
By Larry K. Blank
I am a 48-year old male, and I am beginning to experience a rapid heartrate when I am not active. I have no symptoms...
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MarkusDurantAug 21, 2015
afghaniNov 21, 2012
Godsent55Sep 04, 2011
Godsent55Sep 04, 2011
Mike1251Jan 19, 2010
By Elaine-Strain Blank
Posted by Elaine Strain on May 12, 1999 at 13:51:39 Dear Doctors: Thank you so much for allowing me the opportuni...
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ill13632Aug 02, 2015
palp4lifeFeb 13, 2004
dave sFeb 03, 2004
JaniceHJan 22, 2004
Rob2000Jan 21, 2004
By lak Blank
I have posted before in this forum and also want to thank the doctors and other people who are so informative and sup...
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CCFHeartMD27 May 03, 2014
By Shellfoster Blank
I have recently been diagnosed with myxomatous mitral valve but I'm waiting to see my cardiologists to discuss. But i...
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Rashu06Jul 16, 2015
charlie74225Jul 26, 2008
paulhJul 25, 2008
pnew122Jun 22, 2001
CCF-M.D.-CRCApr 17, 2001
By Bad Heart Blank
I am 69yr old male,heart disease,2-open heart surgeries,now have 2-100%blocked arteries,can't open them,surgery is to...
Avatar n tn
MeivahJul 13, 2015
delcocatFeb 21, 2009
ecstacyJun 08, 2008
lil450Dec 30, 2007
MJ123Dec 29, 2007
By Robert NYC Blank
My doctor does not believe that I can get arrythmia from stomach gas. It has happened many, many times when my stoma...
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AutumnSplendor57May 29, 2015
ed34Jun 22, 2014
Brenda_2011Jun 21, 2014
ed34Jun 21, 2014
By Brenda_2011 Blank
Just got my husband's blood test back and his Vitamin D levels are below the norm - 18 (normal range 30 - 100 ng/mL)....
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phraveenaaAug 19, 2014
By Jo-An Blank
Posted By Jo Ann on October 30, 1998 at 14:54:13: In 1985, I had my first echocardiograph, at a medica...
Avatar n tn
By Jo-An Blank
In 1985, I had my first echocardiograph, at a medical-school affiliated clinic, that showed mild mitral valve reg...
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wayne20Apr 22, 2015
Flycaster305Jul 28, 2013
Albrown5Jul 26, 2013
CCFHeartMD24 Jul 26, 2013
By Albrown5 Blank
Hello my dad is 45 and recently had a minor heart attack and a stent was put in. He has a family history of heart att...
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