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Regarding Major Frustration regarding Cataract Surgery
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Regarding Major Frustration regarding Cataract Surgery

I am 51 years old..
Have a Cataract in my right eye that has completely blinded me..
No vision.. just grey shadows..
I have had said cataract for months now and.. am dealing with a hospital
here in Chicago ranked 15th in the nation..
My surgery has been postponed 4 times now.. Anestisiologist said he wont do it
until certain health issues are under control.
Facts are these..
I had a heart attack 6 years ago..
Have kidney disease
And.my potassium levels are way above the range they should be..
last check was 5.1... down from 6.0.
I am under a Doctors Care, going in once a week!
I also have a small cataract in left eye which is getting worse!
I have fallen twice due to vision impairment.. last fall fracturing my right wrist!
So.. I dont understand/know what to do anymore..
I am doing everything I should be doing!
But.. even though I passed pre-op clearance 2 weeks ago
Anestisiologist still wont do surgery for me!
I am so terrified that I will lose sight in my other eye also..
I need this surgery done so much..
Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
Sorry to hear you're having such difficulty.  Cataract surgery is very low risk.  I'm not sure why the anesthesiologist is hesitant if you passed your pre-op optimization.  I would suggest discussing this with your surgeon and pinpoint their specific concerns so they can be addressed.  Best of luck!
I'm sure this must be terribly frustrating for you.  No doubt the doctor here will get to your questions soon after Christmas, but as a lay person, I am puzzled by certain things:

1. You clearly have some difficult health issues, and I'm wondering which ones bother the anesthesiologist the most, as well as what his idea of being 'under control' is.

2. Also, you say you see a doctor once a week:  What kind of doctor, and is he in contact with the anesthesiologist in question?

3. What does your eye surgeon say about all this?

In my experience with bilateral cataract surgery, the anesthesia consisted of a mild tranquilizer administered I.V.  and a bunch of ointments and drops the nurses put into my eyes. The surgery itself took about 15 to 20 minutes, and that was it.  I was awake and alert the whole time;  there was no pain, no stress, and no 'coming out of it' in a recovery room.  

As surgeries go (and I've had a few), this was not a big deal, so I'm wondering what's going on in your case.

By the way, if you do get the OK for surgery, be sure that you and your eye surgeon have had a long, detailed, heart-to-heart discussion about your eye's shape and health, and choose the very best lens for your purposes.

As a matter of fact, now that I think about it, it could be useful to post your questions in the MedHelp eye forum:


Dr. Hagen, one of the opthalmologists there, gives complete and thoughtful answers, and he responds very quickly.
Whoops--typos all over:  The ophthalmologist's last name is spelled Hagan, not Hagen.
Thank You so much for responding to me!
And.. I did take your suggestion and posted my concerns
in the Eye Forum..
I appreciate your response very much..
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