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Exercise after cardioversion
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Exercise after cardioversion

I have been in A-Fib since November and am schedueld for a cardio version next week.
I am an active athlete and my question is this:
I am wondering how I should approach exercising after the cardioversion. How conservative should I be? Go by feel or by some other measure?
I have searched the Internet but all I could really come up with is that is takes time to regain one's increased oxygen uptake after the procedure. That is, one's Vo2 max is higher a month after the procedure than the day after, regardless of what training is done or not done.
Obviously, my main concern is slipping back into AF. but I also don't want to have to live in a bubble and not be delicate about every bit of physical effort I put forth.
Any thoughts you have on this would be appreciated.
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I'm not sure of any written literature on the subject. I was cardioverted for Afib and had no restrictions put on whether I could exercise or not. I was pretty much told that I could resume previous activities when I felt up to it.

The decision on whether you may or may not participate in your exercise regime may be at the discretion of your Dr. Will you be having a pre-procedure appt. where you could ask this question?
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