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Nonspecific ST abnormality
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Nonspecific ST abnormality

I recently had an ECG performed in preparation for a right kidney stone lithotripsy procedure and the findings were:
Ventricular Rate 67 BPM
Atrial Rate 67 BPM
P-R Interval 150 ms
QRS Duration 84 ms
Q-T Interval 382 ms
QTC Calculation (bezet) 403 ms
Calculated P Axis 55 degrees
Calculated R Axis 38 degrees
Calculated T Axis 30 degrees
Normal sinus rhythm
Nonspecific ST abnormality
Abnormal ECG

The results were not discussed with me nor was I counselled to request additional testing for the abnormality.  Can you tell me what the results indicate and should I be concerned and pursue additional testing?  Thank you.

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Except the ST abnormality, everything in your EKG (the numbers) seems normal.

Nonspecific means it can be everything and nothing. It's really something your doctor should interpret, and if it could indicate something dangerous, I think your doctor would have referred you to a cardiologist.

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Thanks for the prompt response.  Sometimes a little information goes a long way in alleviating anxiety.  Have a good one.

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