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Pregnant with PVC's that just wont quit
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Pregnant with PVC's that just wont quit

As of lately, I have just been falling appart. After pleading with Dr.s for almost 2 years, I was finally taken serious about the syptoms (symptoms) that I have been having. Problem is, now I am pregnant with my 6th child and I am fearing what kind of impact this will have on my child as well as myself.
For the last 2 weeks, I have been suffering from a PVC attack, none stop unless I am sleeping. I have had these attacks prior, the longest lasting 5 days. I would get dizzy, sweaty, pressure, and a headache when they were at their worst. I went to the Dr. just to have my normal exam and nonchalantly told her about the attacks because I didn't really think she would have cared much, because in the past they tried to say it was just anxiety, which I knew then it wasn't. She decided to do an ekg right there just to see what was occuring. I have had ekg's and a holter prior and there were no concerns. This time, I had several PVC's with Tachycardia and a heart rate of 110. She had me see the cardiologist the next day. After the initial exam he prescribed me metropholol (25 mg), echocardiogram, pulmanary function test (which was something I had asked for a year ago), thyroid ultrasound, holter, and several blood tests.

First and foremost, the medicine is something I am not found of for many reasons. I had taken a half dose and had adverse effects already. I couldn't sleep for days because it caused major insomnia and odd nerve sensations. I am not a pill popper and this is one drug that I was warned that if I started it, stopping would be unbearable. Not to mention that its effects are unknown to the fetus and that makes me feel uneasy.

But I got my blood test results. I am highly defficient in D, it registered a 4, when the normal readings should be between 40-60. I have a slight inflamation (inflammation) in my autoimmune panel and am slightly anemic.

I have swelling in the right side of my neck, so they ran a thyroid ultrsound. The tech said that the thyroid was in normal range, but there were several little cysts there. Havent discussed this yet with my Dr. and the other test I am still waiting on results for.

I know this is a lot to read and I appologize, but my question is, can the pregnancy itself cause the PVC's w/tachycardia, because its adding more and more stress to my body? Like I said, they have happened over the last 2 years, but not to this extreme and no one in the medical field was worried up to this point.

And is there a better solution for the PVC's and etc. than this dreaded Beta blocker? Its side effects are dreadful. They did stop the PVC's and lowered my heart rate, but it scares the living daylights out of me.
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Sorry your not able to enjoy your pregnancy with everything going.  Sounds like you have alot going on,  thyroid, vitamin D deficently, anemia  and just the extra blood volume of pregnancy can cause alot of your issues.   Your dr's seem like they are finally being proactive and trying to get to the bottom of your issues,   The stress of being pregant and everything oyu have going on just adds to your anxiety and pvc's.  I tried Toprol also, I did not liek it,  I am now taking atenolol for me it works great.    The meds are keeping your heart rate in the normal range so that is safer for the baby,   Your dr would not give you anything that was not a safe med for the baby as well.   I hope you get all your answers soon and your pvc;s calm down.  what are they giving you for your anemia?    Good Luck keep us posted.
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Well you definately don't need this when you should be basking in the glow of bringing a new life into this world.....first off i would calm down a little bit....i have had two kids and did have some issues during the pregnancy and my OB/GYN was smart and sent me to a heart doc rather than attempt to try to figure out what was wrong when it wasn't his specialty....i too had the same worries you did but my kids are fine and amazing and i was on beta blockers during the pregnancy.  So i am sure as Debbier says that the baby is just fine.  Unfortunately being pregnant and having this issue you have to learn to seperate what symtoms (symptoms) are caused by the pregnancy...being tired as one....and what is cardiac related.  Having multiple births as you have will put you definately in a higher risk group as i am sure you know but will be just fine as long as you are monitored especially your blood pressure.  Try to remember that when we are pregnant the baby takes ALOT of the vitamins out of our system in order to grow healthy inside of our womb so that is why we are given the pre natal vitamins to replenish our system.  I hated those horse size pills....eeewwwwwww.....if you don't feel comfortable w. the meds you are on you need to talk to the doc about it and look at whatever options may be out there for you....its your life.....your baby.....so take control.  I would strongly urge you to be sure that you are seeing a heart doc and not just a GP or OB/GYN and find one that has experience with pregnancy precautions.  For myself i would question that when you lie down they subside and i would look at the possiblity if the baby isn't laying on your diaphragm which could mimic PVC's if you are getting relief when you lie down. I don't know what trimester that you are in or how far along your pregnancy is but my money if you are 6 months along or longer would be to rule that out.  The findings that you stated really aren't that bad...it would be normal to catch a little anemia while pregnant as well as your immune system to be compromised slightly as far as the cysts go they are what is probably termed as functional cysts are you can deal with them after the delivery.  You sound like you are anxious and have to remember that what we feel the baby feels and studies have shown that when we are pregnant and have a hard time emotionally that it can make for a colicky baby after they are born so i would find some way to find calmness and peace in your everyday life if for nothing else than the baby.  Nothing is popping out here that is scary to me.....but i completely understand your worries...been there done that.....like i said....once you find acceptance all good things will follow with this pregnancy...good luck to you.............
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