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Sinus Arrest in am otherwise healthy heart?
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Sinus Arrest in am otherwise healthy heart?


Firstly, it is good to have stumbled into a strong, supportive group like this..I was doing a Google search on whether or not I could get a tattoo completed safely now.

I'm a new pacemaker owner myself; the surgery having been done on this April 16th just passed: a slit under the left collar bone, a small pocket under the skin and the leads set in with a catheter.

I have a Medtronics ADDR01 with 2 leads (atrial and ventrical), which the medtech at the 2 week checkup said is firing under 8% of the time (<6% atrial <2% ventrical).

I was having asymtomatic blackouts, which occured just after getting up in the morning. Blood-Panel, Stress, EKG and Ultrasound tests in January showed no vital organ, vascular or cardio-pulmonary disfunction, save for mild hypertension.

About 10 AM, April 15th, I conked out while reading my emails and again within 10 minutes while talking with my wife.  By 11 I was at my primary care Doctor, by Noon at the ER, by 3 in CCU and on a monitor by 3:15.  Between 6 PM and 2 AM, I arrested 9 times.  The overnight attending who spoke with me at 2 described them as "sinus pauses."

5 were between 4 and 11 seconds, 15, 18, 24 and 28 seconds for the others; all restarts were without intervention and I did not stop breathing.

All the tests surrounding the decision to implant the pacemaker indicated that I am healthy, including no cardiac muscle damage or blockages.

Doing some research online while healing, I see it could be "sick sinus syndrome," which the cardiologist did not label it as, or a congenital defect.

Heart trouble does "run" on my mom's side (from her father's side) and it does seem to manifest beginning 50 and 60; mom had triple bypass about 6 years ago and her younger brother had a bad heart attack at 51.

Anyone else with a similar path to a pacemaker?
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WOW!  April 15th was some day for you!!  

Just wanted to say Welcome and we're glad you found us.  There are a lot of great resources and people around here. Hope you're finding lots of good information (good, being a relative term here...lol).

Sounds like your pacemaker is doing it's job and you're back on both feet...Great news!

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Have you had any problems since the pacemaker was implanted? Im assuming that when you said you " arrested 9 times " you were talking about sinus pauses and not cardiac arrest. The pacemaker should fire if the SA node pacemaker doesnt (the hearts main pacemaker)causing the atria (top chambers to contract) the electrical impulse then travels through the atrio ventricular junction causing the ventricles to contract . If the Dr called them  sinus pauses your new pacemaker should fire everytime your SA node doesnt. it should take care of you electrical problems.
Take care and best wishes
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Good evening;

Thank you for your interest!

Sinus arrest was the phrase the CCU night attending used and what the cardiologist put on my release paperwork: "Sinus arrest with asystole."

They did assure me that I did not got through a cardiac arrest and that no damage was done to the heart muscles.

As of the medtech check 2 weeks ago, my little gem was firing under 8% of the time (about 6% atrial, just under 2% ventrical).

I go in for the 6 week right after Memorial Day.

Other than some discomfort from the incision, I have felt (I believe) a couple of the pauses being adjusted by the pacemaker.

I also (in the aftermath) tire a little easier during my work day; I work in "big box" retail and am walking on concrete during my 7 - 8 hour shift.  I trust this will ease as i fully heal and get back into my usual exercise program.

Thank you again, I realy appreciate the support I have gained when I tell my story.
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