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Why can I feel my heart beating when I lay on my left side? Heart rate ...
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Why can I feel my heart beating when I lay on my left side? Heart rate up recently.

When I went to my doctor recently, he said my heart rate was up, but contributed possibly to my having had a dose of an inhaler medication earlier in the day.  Not  long after, I started experiencing feeling my heart beating when I lay on my left side. I never felt my heart before. I mean it's something it always does, but this feeling is like I can feel it's hitting my chest cavity.....it's a strange sensation.
So, yesterday, when I went to the store, they had a blood pressure machine and a heart rate monitor and my heart rate was 96.  I am 57 and while not overweight, I don't get a great deal of exercise.
I don't like the feeling of actually being able to feel my heart beating like it's hitting another part of my body.
And is 96 high for a heart rate?
I have been having a great deal of dental work done also. Root canal, cavities. Bleeding gums.
Thanks. I can't lay on my left side because it just feels too strange. No pain.

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The sensation of your heartbeat is referred to as palpitations.  It can be a strange feeling, but is not always cause for concern.  

Some things that can raise your heartrate are OTC medications, epinephine (which is in novocine), caffeine and other stimulants.

It is not unusual to feel your heartbeat more when you like on your left side.  If you are of a slight build, it can be ever more common.  Our hearts lie closer to the left chest wall so some people feel it more on their left sides.  

A heart rate of 96 is somewhat elevated, though not necessarily a problem.  You may want to ask your doctor about wearing a monitor to record your heartrate and "electrical" activity.  It could help to find the cause of your new symptoms.
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