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lazy esophagus&fibrillation connection
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lazy esophagus&fibrillation connection

My husband has been diagnosed with a fibrillation.  He mainly experiences it after eating.  Is there a connection to
eating and a fib.  If so , what can be done?

We have told this to many physicians and they do not see a connection yet it happens .  Any suggestions would
be greatly appreciated.  .
Thank you
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I am not aware of any connection beyond the fact that eating will normally cause the HR to increase due to a need for more blood/oxygen by the stomach muscles.  

If your husband has any AFib periods I'd think it a good idea for him to take an aspirin a day to help mitigate clot formation.  Aspirin is the first/lowest step in blood anti coagulation therapy.   I have permanent AFib and so I take a blood "thinner", Warfarin, in addition to half aspirin with breakfast.

Other than that, all I can think of is be sure to be hydrated, drink water with food (or before) an ofter throughout the day.
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Thank you for taking the time out to reply.The docs suggested doing an ablation procedure but we are not sold on that.
We will see what the cardiolagist says today.
Thanks again
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