Hep B-Titer Shot
by missparker02, Aug 03, 2004
I have had the series of hep B shots.  But I need to get the titer shot that tells if the series of shots worked or not. But I am afraid I have waited too long to get this shot done.(Its been Almost 90 days after last shot) How long after the last hep B shot can you still get the titer shot done and with accurate results? If I have waited to late, what are my other options?
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by cuteus, Aug 03, 2004
titers show that antibodies were produced by the vaccine or by exposure to the illness, antibodies for hbv are supposed to last about 10 yrs, so a titer test should be able to detect them for about that length of time.
I would call the lab and get that cleared, they are medical services providers and have the current info.
by DR T , Jul 14, 2007
A TITER is not a shot.  It is a blood draw that will be sent out to a lab to have the levels of antibodies checked.  A minimum of 30 days is required for HEP B and most people wait 90.  
by sprtynurse, Jan 04, 2008
I am a medical Assistant student and my mother lost my shot records. I was informed by my clinical advisor that I needed to get the titer blood work. Will this blood work show that I had my shots done as a kid? Will I need any special bloodwork or shots done? Thank you
by mbrooks0973, Sep 12, 2009
can u use it as a drug test result
by bram44, Sep 12, 2009
Best thing for you is to get tested. If your test shows HBsAg negative and HBsAb positive, you are immune for life.
by lane169, Apr 14, 2010
i was having my physical examination  yesterday that includes my titer test and it came up that my result excides to the normal value... what does it mean the people there are dumb enough to explain what it means, i donated blood last 3 months ago and i have a complete hep. vaccination i was really bothers me.. about it help me please
by Sharp7, Apr 15, 2010
I don't know what you mean. Can you tell me exactly what the lab report says? Let's not use this conversation thread... start a new one the next time, and we can use that for just you.

In the mean time, you should read this: http://www.medhelp.org/health_pages/Hepatitis/HepB-Introduction--Welcome-Page/show/34?cid=153