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Question about Hep B and CBC values
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Question about Hep B and CBC values

I have had an encounter on 10/11/12 with a female (gave her oral sex) and since then have been sick (8 wks).  On 10/15/12 I was tested for the following:

HEP A Igm-AB: Negative
HEP B CORE IgM: Negative
HBsAG: Negative
HEP C AB SCR: Negative

I just had a CBC test this morning and these are the results.  Can anyone help shed some light on what may be happening...?  I am concerned with Alk Phos, AST and ALT.  MPV is low on my Hematology panel.  Can someone shed some light.  My anxiety is running wild!  Thanks!

BUN 12.00
Na 140.00
K 4.40
Chloride 104.00
CO2, Venous 28.50
Glucose Level 96.00
Creatinine 0.90
Total Protein 6.90
Calcium 9.40
Bilirubin, Total   0.63
Alk Phos                     L 40
GOT (AST)       17.00
GPT (ALT)                     H 86.00
BUN/Creat Ratio           13.30
Calculated Osmolality           279.00
Globulin                               3.10
A/G Ratio    1.20
Amylase    46.00
Lipase   165.00
Relative Index -
Free T4 -
ALB 3.80
Glomerular Filtration Rate 103.94

WBC 6.20
RBC 5.03
HGB 16.00
HCT 46.3%
MCV 91.90
MCH 31.90
MCHC 34.70
RDW 12.90
Platelet 253.00
MPV L 7.1
Lymph % 24.7%
Mono % 7.8%
Seg % 63.9%
Eosin % 3.3%
Basos % 0.3%
Lymph Count 1.50
Mono Count 0.50
Seg Count 4.00
Eos Count 0.20
Baso Count 0.00
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Avatar m tn
Alk Phos, AST and ALT are related to liver. this can vary for many things and is usually not a cause of concert. I remember I had some of these values elevated, took some pills to take care of my liver and the numbers went to normal.

What did your Dr. told you?

Avatar m tn

if you eat processed food and not fresh food free of any chemical addictive, if you are overweight, if you eat a lot of meat and fats, if you drink alcool, alt gets elevated

normal alt should be less than 20 but almost all population has higher values due to the processed foods and healthy life styles so they keep normal ranges at alt 30 and some labs even 45......

recheck your life style and dont worry about hbv it clears always on adults, it gets chronic at birth only
Avatar m tn
Dr. said to stop worrying about it. I finished my first week of Lexapro. Some side-effects but it is definitely helping with clearing my mind. I am getting some relief from the constant vicious cycle of thoughts.  Should have results of HIV and Hep tests next week. 8 weeks post.
Avatar m tn
Plus, waking up and searching the web for symptoms, etc is slowing as well. I appreciate all the support and responses.

Avatar m tn
Tested NEGATIVE for HEP ABC and HIV.  8 weeks post encounter.
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