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Vitamin C

Is it true that the virus "likes" vitamin C?

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No. Vitamin C does not enhance viral replication of Hep C.
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I think I was a bit too fast with my reply. According to this study:

Most of the water-soluble vitamins exerted no effect on HCV RNA replication (data not shown), while only VC moderately enhanced HCV RNA replication

Here it is, very interesting stuff.


Remember that you will need vitamin C to enhance calcium absorption. Vit D, calcium and Vit C are best taken together. Having Hep C puts us (especially us women) at risk of Bone Density Loss. So it is important to keep a watchful eye on this. So personally I would say that this necessity certainly outweighs the other

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I forgot to add magnesium to the mix. It is important for assimilation of the calcium, too
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Thank you very much for your advice. I red the article. I can see now that taking Vitamin E, Vitamin C and Selenium for a long time was a mistake.
Perhaps this is why my PCR jumped from 1.000.000 to 17.000.000 in 3 months.
On 15 of January I'm going to begin the second treatment with Interferon, Rib.and  Boceprevir. (the first time I was on placebo) It will be good if I could begin the treatment with a lower viral load. If the virus is still detectable,after 4 months of treatment, I will be taken off the treatment.
Have you ever heard about the treatment of HCV with insect therapy? They could obtain natural interferon from insects grown in laboratory. The treatment is not toxic, there is no side effects and there are people that eliminated the virus. (It will be too nice to be true!)
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nothing wrong with vit E or selenium, or even vit c in moderation, where have you heard about vit e or selenium being a problem , how much were you taking
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I read the article :

I took for 3 months:
- 6.000mg Vitamin C
- 800 iu Vitamin E
- 200mcg Selenium
- Also, I was given, while I've got the ozone therapy, intravenous Vit C, Ca, Mg, Se (a standard 300ml bag)
- I had also a very special diet (1lb row vegetables /day)
- very good blood test , but bad virus load. In other words, "the surgery was successful, only the patient died".  

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i did nt read the article, but looking at the volume of vit c and e you took i can understand why you think its bad for you, you overcooked!
the level of selenium you took should have been ok but you would nt want more
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Reading the results of the trial/study about vitamins and viral replication, it certainly makes sense that your viral load shot up that much. That is a huge jump.

I'm glad that you were able to get this info before starting in the BOC trial. Don't worry too much about what has been done, at least you are healthy and well, and ready to attack treatment... and you will maybe be able to avoid being attacked by the treatment :-)

I wish you all the best and enjoy the holidays, before you start your crazy journey towards SVR.

Btw, I haven't heard about insect interferon.

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I've been taking for several years:

Vit C....1000mgs
Vit E... 400iu

among other things,  and my viral load dropped from 2 691 750 in Jan 2008 to 330 136 June 2009 ie in about 18 months.
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There is a difference in taking adequate amounts of vitamins and 'overdosing'

I don't necessarily mean that 'overdosing' is negative.

Obviously taking an adequate amount is needed for the body. It also depends on how one lives and one diet. I.e. smokers need a higher amount of vit C, as smoking depletes one of vit C.

I.e.. when depleted of vit D, it is a good thing to 'overdose' (while closely monitoring ones levels), until optimal levels are achieved.

Btw, a drop of 2,5 million VL over the period of 18 months is not unusual, as viral loads swing a lot. As an example, before staring tx mine jumped from 580.000 to 2.600.000 to 1.300.000 within 5 months. This doesn't mean anything.

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What that does show is that it can't be said that Vits C & E with selenium  will increase the VL. On the contrary, studies have shown that selenium in particular can help to lower VL through its virus inhibiting properties

And I agree that there is a big difference between taking adequate amounts and overdosing. The trick is to know one from the other.
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Vitamin C in its natural form is a natural antiviral treatment.

Antibodies & Interferons - Vitamin C



"2. Vitamin C Modulates Antibody Levels

Antibodies are one of the immune system's most direct lines of defence
against infectious foreign substances "antigens". When the body is exposed
to such an organism, or compound, clones of antibodies are produced against
the antigen, which attack and destroy it. There are a variety of classes of
antibody molecules, with corresponding different functions within the
complex immune system. Levels of three of these classes of antibody
molecules - IgA, IgG and IgM - have been found to increase with increased
Vitamin C levels. As can be seen from Table 2, IgA, IgG and IgM are involved
with the body's defences against bacteria and other microbes, viruses,
foreign particles and pathogenic substances.

In a study conducted by Vallance of British subjects isolated for a year in
Antarctica(217), it was found that antibodies IgG and IgM increased with
increased Vitamin C intake. Similarly, in a placebo-controlled study
conducted by Prinz and colleagues(171), it was found that 1 gm Vitamin C per
day resulted in significant increases in serum levels of IgA, IgG and IgM.
Similar correlations with Vitamin C and antibody levels have also been found
in guinea pigs, which, like man, cannot synthesize their own Vitamin C, and
must rely upon external sources for this vital nutrient."

"4. Vitamin C Modulates Interferon Synthesis

Interferons (there are as many as 20 different types) are proteins with
antiviral activity, produced in cells which have been infected with virus,
and also possibly in malignant cells. Interferon is being experimentally
tested in treatment of different forms of cancer; however treatment with
externally synthesized interferon rather than with the body's own naturally
produced interferon, may have toxic side effects. Recent evidence confirms
that increased Vitamin C intake results in increased interferon levels(208).
Thus taking Vitamin C is a "natural" antiviral treatment (62)."
476246 tn?1418874514

It shows that the dose you were taking had no impact on your VL. Obviously the high doses of intravenous vit C eug55 was taking did have an impact on her VL.

Anyway not to go too much into the nitty gritty, I was referring to the clinical study on vitamins which was performed. Why don't you read it, is quite interesting.

When I was treating, I worked out a whole program on taking vitamins which enhanced viral break down. I also took Selenium. That's one of the good ones. I took a multi vit without A and iron. I took some vitamin C with D, calcium and magnesium. It took me about 3 months to research supplements before starting tx. I also took CoQ10, ALA, Shiitake (to keep my whites up)

I can't really remember it all by heart now, but I combined the ones which need to be taken together for better assimilation, and I took others at a different time. Some with food, some between meals. I had quite a few alarms ringing for when to take the Riba and when to take my vitamins. It was clock work, but I was 100% compliant all the way through treatment. Never forgot a dose or took too many. Also with the vitamins.

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