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Kidney disease in dogs
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Kidney disease in dogs

My dogs bun level in at 122 up from 85 in December. He is a Laasa Apso age 16. Liver and heart are fine.
Phosphorus level is 9.6.
My vet has only said this will get worse. So far he is not vomiting but has loss of interest in food and it is a real challenge to get him to eat anything. He sleeps most of the time. My vet has me giving him B12 shots every 3 days.
Other than suggesting a low protein diet and Standard Process renal support he hasn't offered me anymore suggestions. This dog has always been a picky eater. He likes shrimp and I've had a problem in the past keeping him out of the cat's food but he doesn't even really go for that now. He had his teeth cleaned in July 09. By Dec they needed it again but his bun was 85 so we didn't do it. My vet seems to think his teeth are the main reason his kidneys are going bad. I have read over and over that the way to go is a low protein diet and also some vets who disagree with that. I would like to know if Azodyl could help along with Aluminum Hydroxide as has been suggested by many. Since there are numerous posts regarding good results with this product I just wanted to know whether to try this or if something else might work better. We don't have much time for experiment!
Thanks! Sarah Mikeys mom
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Hi Sarah.......Post this question In the "Ask A Veterinarian" section ABOVE the Communities Section on the opening page....Post it in "Animal Health General" AND in "Holistic Care for Pets" section. You will get responses from Vets in both of these areas....Good luck.....Karla    
My dog was diagnosed with kidney disease last year. I switched his food and also started giving him a herbal tonic called Tripsy from PetWellbeing. Since he's been on it, its like I have my old dog back. Please don't give up hope just yet. Check out Tripsy and ask your vet about it as well. Good Luck!
Azodyl is a product made of "friendly bacteria" called probiotics. Because kidneys are sterile, Azodyl is not helpful for kidney issues despite the fact that it is continually being prescribed. Probiotics are quite useful to promote proper and normal absorption of dietary nutrients once they are digested.

When dogs have had issues of upset stomachs, such as occurs with Pancreatitis for example, suffered episodes of vomiting and/or diarrhea or have been on antibiotics, the normal bacterial flora, which are the bacteria that normally line the intestinal tract, and are responsible to absorb digested nutrients, become "upset."

The "good bacteria" get replaced by "bad" gas forming bacteria which often leads to uncomfortable, bloated-type stomachs and perpetuates diarrhea and excess gas formation. Supplementing dogs with Probiotics helps to replace the "bad" gas forming bacteria with good "friendly" bacteria so nutrients in the diet can be properly absorbed and utilized by the dog. There are many much more cost effective Probiotic supplements available online an at retail.

Fluids given daily at home under the skin (Sub-Q) are vital to flush toxins from the body with kidney disease. The fluid of choice is 0.9% NaCl (sodium chloride) We do not recommend Lactated Ringers solution as it contains calcium and phosphorus, both of which are generally already elevated in dogs with failing kidneys.

A home made diet is quite helpful. Many vets prescribe Hills K/D Diet. Hills K/D Diets are fine, however they not very palatable or tasty and many dogs will not eat K/D. We have had much better results with home-made diets. We have also had excellent results with a natural herbal kidney product called Kidney Essentials available at www.drcarol.com. This has lowered BUN and Creatinine levels within in 30-60 days in many older dogs with kidney failure.

Epikacin is an outdated calcium based product made by the same company marketing Azodyl.

Epikacin was used to bind excess phosphorus which occurs with failing kidneys. Unfortunately, because it contains calcium, it results in excess blood calcium levels which are also very harmful.

Today Aluminum Hydroxide (ALOH) is the product of choice, recommended and used by veterinarians that are Board Certified Internal Medicine Diplomats. Aluminum hydroxide is used to bind and removing excess phosphorus from the blood. As opposed to Epikacin, it is very effective and does not result in the accumulation of excess blood levels of Calcium.

Once we are able to get the sum of the blood phosphorus multiplied by the blood calcium to less than 40 we can consider Calcitriol.

Calcitriol is a natural form of Vitamin D, human dialysis patients take to regenerate the kidneys. We have it compounded specifically for each dog based on their body weight and Creatinine level. It is a capsule given once a day by mouth.

Many dogs with failing kidneys are also anemic, which means their volume of red blood cells is too low.

The anemia occurs because a substance called Renal Erythropoietic Factor, normally made by the kidneys and responsible to signal red blood cell production is not produced in adequate amounts when the kidneys are not working properly.

We address the anemia with an organic home-made diet, raw or seared livers and hearts and Vitamin B12 given 2-3 times a week by injection with the exact dosage and frequency determined by the dogs body weight and severity of anemia.

Please feel free to contact my office if you would like to discuss this further.

I hope this information is somewhat helpful.

Best Wishes,

Dr Carol Osborne, DVM
Hello Dr Osborn,
I also have a 6 years old sharpei diagnosted with kidney failure. I started giving him today azodyl. since is phosphalte is at 9,7, i guess aluminium hydroxide would be a good solution (his calcium level is also high, 12,2)?

Can i use aluminium hydroxide and azodyl together? I live in quebec canada, what aluminium hydroxide would you recommend? (His bum is at 128 and his creatinine at 11,7)

Thank you so much!
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