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HPV infection through soiled clothes etc.
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HPV infection through soiled clothes etc.

Hi! I'm 26 year old technically single guy and I recently found out that I am infected with HPV.
My warts are situated around my anal area.  
I've read numerous websites exhaustively, but I just needed to be sure.
My question is is there a possibility that I may infect may family, let's say through laundry/my soiled clothing, towels or an other indirect modes?
Sounds silly I know, but the doctor I talked to said I need to segregate my laundry from my families'?
I had my infection checked today, but I was starting to suspect I was infected weeks ago.
I dont think I have the heart to tell them of my infection, so I'm gonna have to do things secretly, even my plan for surgery, and cauterization
My infection is enough, I can never forgive myself if I unknowingly infect any of them.

One last thing, will a HPV vaccination help me in the future, even if I already am infected. The vaccination protects against other types of HPV right.

Thanks so much for the help
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Avatar f tn
Im not sure what you mean by technically single. If that means that you live at home with parents or have a girlfriend and live with her but you are not married. If you have a significant other then it would be a good idea to tell her that you have this. BUT before you do you might want to make sure they are GW's. If you are planning to do something about them (you have the option to use Aldera, have cryo or do nothing--all should resolve in 6-24 months regardless) but you could also have a biospy to make sure it is GW as there are many other skin conditions. .And it is possible that if you have it then she does too, with or without symtoms (symptoms)--but you can both get through this together. It appears your Dr. is not very up to date on HPV as it is passed skin to skin and can be passed even if you use condoms. You cannot get it from towels, or linens. It is possible that for a very short amount of time, such as seconds before secretions dry--it could be passed by sex toys but most of the research in this area is inconclusive--so maybe yes and maybe no.
You are at the age when you are close to not be able to get the HPV vaccine. You might be able to get it "off label" but for any of the HPV's that you have been exposed to of have had the vaccine will not be effective. For most they clear the virus in a short period of time. It would be better to have safe sex with a condom (not a 100% effective but maybe 70 to 90%) unless you are a gay man and then your risk for HPV goes up considerably and you might want to consdier the vaccine.
Good Luck...
Avatar m tn
Thank you very much.
You have no idea how re-assuring and comforting your words are.
Now I can more or less sleep soundly knowing that I'm not passing this virus around unknowingly, unless there's any physical or sexual contact whatsoever.

The thing is, I am rather confused of what I have. I have consulted two doctors. One said it is warts, while the other said it is just skin tag.
What is alarming is that they seem to be multiplying. I might get a third opinion, or just go ahead and undergo electro-cauterization (both recommended the procedure), and have the excised part submitted for biopsy.  So through biopsy,they will be able to know for sure if it is a GW?

I had a budding relationship with a girl before I found out about this infection. No sexual contact has happened. But I dont know whether to tell or the truth or just stay away from her, for her own good.  Either way, I know I'll probably lose her anyway.

And to set the record straight, I am bi-sexual.

Again thank you so much for the help.  I was starting to get depressed.
Avatar n tn
A biopsy will determine whether they are GWs or not. Ask them to report on the strain number so you know.
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