Skin tags? Warts? Hpv?
by Amanda0922, Nov 06, 2008
I'm aware that genital warts can present as skin tags in the genital area, but what about skin tags on other parts of the body such as the neck, underarms, etc? Are these skin tags actually warts caused by a non-sexually transmitted strain of hpv? And if they are not warts, and are merely skin tags, what the heck is a skin tag anyway? Just something I have been wondering for quite some time.
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by Naveed777, Nov 07, 2008
I know you are well educated on the subject of HPV warts so i would straighlty try to describe about skin tags... HP virus does not cause skin tags. The skin tag is a tumor in the sense that it is a skin growth. Skin tags are a benign non-cancerous raised skin tumor. Benign means that it is harmless and not malignant as it is true for hpv wart. It is very normal having a skin tag... Skin tags are formed when an area of the outer layer of skin begins to overgrow ... Skin tags are not contagious... Skin tags are often confused with hpv warts because of similarity in their look as such no body should try to diagnose the growth by himself and seek a medical professional, specifically dermatologist advice... On the other hand, almost all the treatment options for Warts can be applied on skin tags as well in order to remove them...
by Amanda0922, Nov 07, 2008
Well I've always got hpv on the mind lol and I come up with these wonderments out of nowhere. I was thinking a non-sexually transmitted strain of hpv may be responsible because the skin tags really DO look quite like genital wart skin tags! And I know that common warts are caused by a non-sexually transmitted strain of hpv. Anyhow, thanks for the clarification :)
Myself excluded, a few of the women in my family get these common skin tags. My sister cuts them off herself (ouch!). Very interesting, I never thought of hpv warts and common skin tags being removed by similar treatments. I will pass the info along to my sister :)
by Amanda0922, Nov 07, 2008
Something else I just thought of. If an individual can experience these common skin tags anywhere on the body (maybe this is not accurate), I wonder if a male has ever had one on his penis and was misdiagnosed with hpv, with the lack of an hpv test for men.

On the other hand, I think I may have read somewhere (again, not sure if this is accurate) that women are more likely to have common skin tags than are men.

Sometimes I feel like all of my statements should come with an attached disclaimer stating that I'm potentially "full of it" haha
by 4me2know, Oct 06, 2012
i have had the same 2 skin tags at the crease of my inner thigh & buttock for about 2 years now. i had a 3rd one but it magically disappeared. I've had vaginal check ups and they're clean every time. I dont understand why they wont go away.. and its embarrassing during sexual intercourse.
by drptrounow, Dec 02, 2012
have your doctor freeze them off with liquid nitrogen.