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Is it IBS?

29 yr male. For the past month and a half I have had a loose stomach. I havent had a single solid bowel movement during this time. I went to the doctor and was given Nexium for some burning I had in my stomach. I took the nexium for five days but it made me feel like I had to go all the time. I stop taking it and that feeling went away. That was a month ago. Ive continued to have diarrhea everyday. Ill give you a run down of my day and how I usually feel. just as a note I also take Axiron for low testosterone.

I wake up and usually have to got to the bathroom to start the day. Its usually loose but not completely water. Most of the time its just broke up or flaky.

I try to eat breakfast but when i head to work I usually dont have time. I try to drink a glass of water just to get going.

Lately, Ive felt good all day long. I have no pains, no soreness when I push on my stomach

So I eat lunch, stomach feels fine but usually an hour or so passes and I have to go. No pains just that quesy feeling you get all over when you are about to have diarrhea. The same thing happens when i eat dinner.

My stool is usually light brown and loose, sometimes it has some form to it. Sometimes its got some green in it, but its not completely green. I have noticed the green after I drink blue gatorade. Could that be where the green comes from?

I can actually feel it move quickly I guess through my large intestines.

When I dont have to go to the bathroom, I feel pretty good. But it doesnt matter what I eat, this is an everyday thing.  Ive also had blood work done and everything was normal except for my testosterone.

I just started to take a digestive enzyme to see if that would help. I did that for the first time today at lunch so I guess I wont know this early.

No pains, no fever, no aches. Loose stool ( flaky, sometimes watery, light brown, sometimes green in it) a couple hrs after eating, My appetite hasnt been great all the time but I do have one.

Can someone help ease my mind on this? Does this sound like IBS? Are the Enzymes a good idea? You read alot of stuff and liver failure, liver disease, cancers all just scare me.
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Welcome to the IBS community!  I would recommend you see a gastroenterologist about this and have more testing done to determine what is wrong.
Ouch, my boyfriend goes through the similar issues - he's avoiding going to the doc too... he has gluten intolerance and he knows he's got IBS but he doesn't want to deal with the dietary restrictions like I do. I hate having to live my life around where are the nearest bathrooms or loading up on Immodium before I go out, ugh.  If I do that I get constipated then it goes back to the D, like today...  

See  your doc ASAP, you might only have a bug... have you traveled recently? Eaten unwashed fruit?  I would check off those things first. I went through a ton of tests before I got diagnosed with IBS, divertculitis and gluten intolerance which are all pretty common together.  You might have picked up a parasite, which is more common then you think. Don't put off the doc.
Much Luck.
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