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    4years ago I had a peptic ulcer that I had fixed by being scoped by my GI Doc.  I was told to take Aciphex 25 MG 2 times a day to block acid production.  All was good for a few months before I began to feel like my stomach was not really digesting food.  I went to my GI Doc who scoped me again found nothing and changed my Meds to Protonix 40mg Morning and night before meals.  More discomfort followed still always felt full.  

Fast forward to current Time:
3 months ago I was rushed to the emergency room in an ambulance.  I was immediately admitted to the ER.  I had extreme stomach cramps.

Attack Symptoms Included:
Upper and Lower abdominal pain/cramping almost like a wave from bottom to top.
Vomiting a light yellow greenish to thick dark green thick sack like bile.
Evening Gas.
                  > Not really allot of gas throughout the day.
Early morning gas extremely painful mixed with diarrhea (This normally means an attack is coming on)
Dry heaving
Hot and Cold Sweats.
Lower abdomen feels swollen but no visual signs.
Feels like I can push on the problem area with my hand (right below center of my rib cage).

Every time this happens all I can do is go to the ER. I have been in the ER 10 times this past 3 months.  Admitted to the hospital 6 times for durations of 3-7 days.  One time I was in the hospital for 14 days straight while my Gastro Doctor had every test know to man run on me.  Every Scan, Blood Test, Urine, and Stool Test came back negative numerous times.  I watch what I eat, I keep a food diary, and I do not drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes.  I have had multiple colonoscopies, and Scope work done all with no positive identification of an issue. I have swallowed 2 cameras that follow the bowel and take pictures nothing was found.

My GI doctor and the Hospital Doctors see nothing wrong on any Scans, Blood, Urine, or Stool Tests, colonoscopies, or Scope work.  My GI Doctor does not know what to do he says there are no more tests to be run.  The next step is Pain management and a consultation with UCLA doctors.  I got the generalized you got IBS because we don't know diagnosis.  What is wrong with me!!!!!! Does or has anyone had these symptoms  

I am reaching out to anyone and everyone that is suffering from these symptoms.  
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I too have the exact symptoms you are having.  I have been to the ER several times over the past few months and have had all the tests run with "normal" findings coming back.

I finally began to research my symptoms and have decided that I am suffering from "Candida Albicans" or a systemic yeast overgrowth.  Doctors will not diagnose a person with this problem unless they feel the persons immune system is compromised such as AIDS

Do a search on Candida overgrowth and look at the symptoms..I think you will be shocked.  There are several treatment options you have if you think this is your problem.   Antacids, antibiotics, a diet high in sugar are all culprits in candida overgrowth.  

Please keep me posted.  Hope this helps.
It is Candida Overgrowth!! Candidiasis!! Second post, you did exactly what I did, gave up on happy I did!! Mine looked like AutoImmune disorder, Chronic Fatigue, Migraines. Almost lost sight in my right eye (my overgrowth went into my sinuses and head) right shoulder I could barely use. I have been following information on killing the overgrowth....I feel better than I have in over 7 years!! Still not in the clear..but KNOW I am on the right path. I feel like "Chicken Little" posting this on so many forums...but ADD, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Dementia (when overgrowth is really out of control), Fibromyalgia, so many conditions are rooted to Candida Overgrowth yet Western Medical for the most part ignore it. Have learned a huge lesson not to just blindly your own thankful for internet!! My mother and brother have the same thing for years...runs in European decent, something about the lining of our colon & sinuses does not handle American diet well...feel so bad for so many children with this...Asthma, constant stuffy nose, etc.
TinaKini, I am going to be replying to all your comments made on these posts that are years old in case one of the original posters reads this.  I am against posting the same thing on many different threads, but in this case, it is needed.  For a long long time now, alternative medicine has talked about candida overgrowth and the many dangers of this and how this has become an epidemic.  This is all one huge myth.  Candida overgrowth (often called thrush) is a relatively benign problem.  It is best treated with anti-fungals which are very different from antibiotics.  Taking antibiotics can make you susceptible to getting candida overgrowth, but then anti-fungals are the correct treatment.  Doctors are very aware of thrush and other types of candida overgrowth and they know how to successfully treat it, but (luckily) very very few of them believe in this crazyness that the alternative medicine field has caused.

It CANNOT cause obesity, ADHD, ADD, diabeties, sinus problems, blindness, high blood pressure, dementia, fibromyalgia, asthma, leaky gut (but don't get me started on that), chronic fatigue, brain fog, or headaches.  It IS NOT affected by processed sugary foods (although I do agree that these are bad for you in other ways).  (The exception to this is that if you have pre-existing diabeties and you are eating lots of processed sugary foods and not controlling your diabeties, then that can make you more susceptible to candida overgrowth.  Also in rare cases when a patient is in the ICU they can have candida spread throughout their entire body.)

I agree, do your research, use the internet, but don't listen to the people making crazy claims on the internet.
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