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Balance Difficulties, Cognitive Problems, Vision and Abdominal Pain Symptoms, Liver problem?

Hi all.  Thanks for reading.  For the past several years I have been having worsening symptoms which have become debilitating.  About 1-2 years ago I began having these periodic stomache ailments.  They would come and go and I would forget all about them every time they would pass.  Now adays so many things are wrong and it is really upsetting.

My full range of symptoms these days are :

- Inability to walk/balance straight :  even sitting down I sometimes will feel a ''swaying'' sensation as if im really drunk or something.  It is really disconcerting and frightening.  

- Right quadrant dull/tender abdominal pains which radiate from right above my right hip to all the way up to right below my ribs.  Usually these kinds of pains seem to feel better when I feel gas move around either in my right side, or in my intestines in general... or if i pass a stool.

- I pass mostly light brown or yellowish brown stools, which i realize can be an indication of liver problems.. :/  Sometimes i will notice small blackish looking spots in my stools, but I never pass any straight out blood..

- Extreme Arthritis type pains mostly in my wrists but also pain in my foot and also tightness in my neck.

- Occasional bouts shortness of breath.  

- Fatigue and tiredness.

- Sleep difficulties.

I had some blood work done last week, but i havent recieved the results back yet and my return appointment is a month away, heh.  

It was a full panel 7 liver function test thing, a full cbc, a vitamin d check and hepatitis b and c test.  The thing is, 8 months ago or so, when I had REALLY horrible symptoms, (i couldnt even move my neck because it was so stiff and in pain, along with stomache pains) my cbc was mostly normal and so was my liver function test apparently.  Other than having low vitamin d levels and several other minor blood abnormalities -  (slightly high eosinophils and slightly low anion gap)

I guess my question mainly is, do these combined symptoms sound like some kind of liver problem?? I am so tired of being sick :(  any ideas are greatly appreciated.  I'm just so scared right now, I started getting these chest pains and am now out of breath.  I had some coffee earlier in the evening and I usually never drink coffee so I don't know if thats what did it, but I'm really scared right now.  I plan to never drink the junk again lol  :/

some history:: I have drank too much in my life.  I drank excessive amounts of alcohol for years.  Years ago I used to drink every day pretty much for years... but for the past 2-3 years or so I have only binge drank about once every week to once every 2-3 weeks.  (meaning me and my friends would get together and drink beers all night long into the early morning every so often).  I always have expected SOME kind of liver damage (i have a swelled abdomin (abdomen) but am otherwise skinny/underweight) however, when I have had liver tests in the past, they amazingly always turned back normal?  Do they only show abnormalities in the FINAL stages of liver damage?  heh, i just dont get it.. could I have some form of cirossis?  

As of 2 months ago I no longer drink anything, however I do still smoke marijuana.  I am starting to wonder if marijuana is contributing (or worsening?) my symptoms, but it is truly the only beneficial thing I have in my life and would be very quality-of-life damaging to give it up as it is all I have now.. however I am trying to at least cut back on my consumption of it to only later in the day instead of all day long.
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oh i wanted to add... I am a 28yo male and began drinking probably about 10 years ago... more heavily during age 18-21 and 23-25.  then only weekly or every few weeks from 25-a few months ago. (28)   Is it possible my past liver function tests missed the damage I have?  they always told me I am well within the normal range, heh.
so... no one viewed or replied to this i guess...  figured i might as well post the outcome of all this, i am the original poster and my cbc and liver blood tests were NORMAL.  i had slight low levels of white blood cells and a few other minor abnormalities but no warning signs.  

i cannot believe it.  my doctor thinks im crazy and i had to literaly yell at him before he decided that maybe since my balance is messed up, i need to get an mri done on my brain.  i HOPE this reveals something because at least then i will know what i need to fight against... wtf is wrong with the med system?  nobody wants to 'help' me at all, they act like im a nuisance.
I really don't have many ideas.
The one thing that occurs to me is that balance issues/dizziness can be caused by dislodged inner ear crystals - benign paroxysmal positional vertigo.
I suffered with this disorder following a motorcycle accident.
I was wondering whether you have suffered any head trauma recently.


i got almost exact same symptoms, feel lightheaded, slightly dizzy, had pale stools,
right quadrant pain, bloatednesss, bne and muscle aches, specially in hands and wrists. breathlessnes

my findings which have only helped alitte are:
ct scan of brain normal
had slighly lower whitecells too
gallbladder wasn't working too wel ( can cause yellow stools and right quadrant pain)
fattyliver (can also contribute to right quadrant pain)

i had a gastroscopy done thy also found inflamation (inflammation) of the stomach and deodenum also deodenum ulcers (which can also cause ight quadrant pain)
i still have vit d defficiency so im on tabs for it. also i was positive for the bacterial infection h.pylori, once that was removed my ulcer has gotten better the right quadrant has lessened, the yellow stools have gone normal.

dizzness could be the ear

i heard if you have a gallbladder attack it can somtimes irritate the vagus nerve, which canlower heart beat and bp causing dizyness. as some gallbladder patients have dizzyness.

anxiety can cause it too and panic attacks.

maybe you have a combination of everything like me.

i do feel weak get the stomach symptoms. malabsorption can cause your issues too.

get the auto antibody blood test done AMA should be init checks for pbc.

but theres loads of things that can causae your issues could just be a combination of different things

im not a professional jut another who is struggling been 2 years nearly med system is not as good as i once thought it was too. let down
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