green discharge
by radio1, Jan 21, 2010
I am 56 and started the menapause 4 years ago, I still occasionally have hot flushes but apart from that I am ok.
I have been having a green discharge daily for approx 7 months, I had a smear after it started last June and it came back ok.  
I also had a bladder op last June and when I had my check up the consultant told me not to worry and it could last a few months.
Obviously as it is now 7 months I am getting concerned, I think it is coming from my urinary tract.
Is this normal during the menapause or should I go back to my GP and ask for some tests.
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by Dryfanny, Jan 29, 2010
Hi Im 50 and have the same green discharge now for 2 years. My smears are ok i also had a camera in womb still doctors found nothing wrong. I had a closed cervix and had to have a D@C to let fluid out. All this is due to lack of hormones i just live with the problem as doctors dont do anything im sick of taking antibiotics they dont work either. When i tell doctors this about green discharge all the swab tests come back normal they seem to think im making it up.
by divagram, Mar 09, 2010
Just read about your discharge. I'm 67 and been through menopause for 21 years, about 6 weeks ago, I started spotting this yellowish light tanish stuff, went to Dr. did a endometiricias (sp) test, came back benign, did a vaginal ultraound it was O.K. but having breast cancer 23 years ago, he says I do have a fybroid tumor which also is benign, so he suggusted a Hysterectomy, are you still spotting? would love to hear more about this, thanks!