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"Delayed Ejaculation" Question
New here. Great forum. I am a straight male in my early 50's, in excellent health overall, and very fit, but I believe I have "delayed ejaculation" or none at times, and early failure with a woman due to chronic self-pleasuring the past couple of years. I believe a word that jumps out at me here is "desensitizing". I am not addicted to porn per say, but a theme of a fantasy where a woman I know has sex with others. Looking at her photos and imagining her being ravished and pleasured, etc. I am moving away from that obsession, but I am wondering if other men have had these thoughts, and if it has led to E.D.?

Five days since last indulging. Staying busy and working at a healthier thought process. Any advice is most appreciated. I am concerned about normal sensitivity returning, where I don't hold out for an hour or two while masturbating, and then have to use blunt force trauma to get off! LOL  Thanks.
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