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Masturbation and bodybuilding.
I know this question has been asked so many times before and I don't want to be a troll by repeating it, but unfortunately, though many times it has been asked, there seems to be no conclusion for it as far as I have investigated and the answers are always in sharp contrast to each other. The question is bodybuilding and ejaculation. What is the relationship and how does masturbation once a day affect testosterone levels and ultimate muscle building ability? On the one hand, 'positive effects' proponents say something like: "The more you ejaculate, the more your body produces as the body is 'triggered' to produce more" and on the other hand the 'opponents' say: "you'll exhaust your body and decrease testosterone levels ultimately" and there are those with "the effects are to minuscule to be of any significance". Both sides offer some citation from a certain study that seems to support their claim. I gotta be honest, I'm confused. Does it really boil down to personal opinions?
Please share your thoughts and enlighten me, or better yet, correct me. :)
P.s. I think that since this is one of the most discussed topics in relation to bodybuilding with no conclusive evidence either way, it might be the right time for a thorough scientific investigation and conclude the matter once and for all. Long question I know, and sorry about that.
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