Vibration sensation in penis
by concernedperson3, Aug 06, 2006
For a couple of weeks, I have a vibrating sensation in the penis area.  I first thought my cell phone may have started it since I have had it attached to my belt, on the vibrate status.  I stopped doing this and still feel it.  It is either a vibration or a sensation of filling up with liquid.  No other symptoms are there.  No pain in urination, no pain in sex, have been married for many years with one partner, and no urge to go to the bathroom.  It happens randomly, and lasts for 3-6 seconds then goes away.  It is irritating but not painful.

Any thoughts on this issue would be helpful.
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by stillcurious, Aug 06, 2006
I noticed you posted a comment in the thread that I started on 7/29 entitled "faint vibrating/buzzing/spasm in penis"...  It seems we have been dealing with similar symptoms for about the same amount of time.  Do you mind if I ask what region you are located in and how old you are, and when it started?  I am 29, located in Texas, and first noticed it 7/24/06.

Anyway, I do not yet have an answer as to what this might be, and as of now I am still experiencing this strange sensation.  I went to my family doctor, who didnt have a clue, but thought it might be a muscle strain from bike riding or bowling.  He prescribed muscle relaxers which did nothing for me.  I then went to a Urologist, who said he also didnt know what it was, but wasn't concerned, as he himself had gone through the same thing around my age.  He said it will clear up on its own in a few weeks, and as long as it isn't painful and no other symptoms develop, just try not to worry about it, and if symptoms persist, he will order a full workup on me (I have a followup appointment in a couple weeks).  In my previous post, I referenced some other discussion boards where other men with the same symptom mostly report that it does indeed go away in 4 - 6 weeks.

As a side note, my urologist found "trace" amounts of blood and protein in my urine, which he felt were not related, and not substantial enough to cause alarm.  As a precaution, however, he put me on a two week course of Doxycycline.

I know this can be irritating, and I am sorry for you that you have to deal with this, but at the same time, I appreciate having someone to talk to about it that knows what I am dealing with as well.  Please let me know what you find out, and I will do my best to post my findings as well.
by concernedperson3, Aug 07, 2006
Thank you so much for sharing your experience.  I am 40 and sensations started about a month ago, I am located in Pennsy.  I have an appt with my reg doctor on 8/8 and today I am going to call a Urologist.  My cousin married a man who became a urologist, so I hope to get some insight as he is very bright and has his own practice.  He has been on vacation last week, so it may be difficult to reach him in the next few days.  I am going to read him your description, since it is just like mine and see what he says.  I'm very glad to here that both your doc's don't think it is too serious, but I'm still not confident yet.  I will keep you posted on what I find out, if you can do the same it would be appreciated.
Thank you
by stillcurious, Aug 09, 2006
How did your appointment go?  I had an appointment on 8/8 as well...  got full blood and urine analysis and everything checked out completely normal.  not even the "trace" amounts of blood and protein that the urologist found showed up in my urine this time.  This was all comforting, since I have been developing a lot of other symptoms lately, and being the research junkie that I am, I was finding conditions matching my symptoms ranging from diabetes to cancer, and many things in between.

Happily, the tests ruled out any of these conditions, and it is likely that just the anxiety from this one condition is causing all these other symptoms, each one compounding the anxiety, mimicking even more conditions.  I did have high pulse and blood pressure, but those may have been anxiety related as well.  But whatever it is, it seems that it is not anything serious at all.

I have now been experiencing this strange sensation for 2 1/2 weeks.  It seems that stress has something to do with it, like the times when I can genuinely ignore it, the frequency decreases.  It also seems at times that some postures are more likely to produce the vibrations than others.  Like if I am sitting normally, I may not feel anything, but leaning forward and bowing my head will almost guarantee to start the vibrations.  It also seems like this problem has decreased slightly in the past couple days, but I cannot be sure.

For now, it seems the best I can do is just not let it bother me.  Sometimes that is easy, and sometimes not so much.  Of course, if there are any more developments I will post them as well.
by concernedperson3, Aug 10, 2006
I had a full blood work-up and also went to get an xray of lower spine.  I don't have any results back yet, however my blood pressure was normal, and the entire physical was normal.

My doctor thinks it is somehow related to my spine.  I definitely have noticed that it has almost gone away (again like you say, maybe I am not so worried about it, so I don't think about it, therefore it is less of a nuisance.)  But I have the same feelings, when I stand up quickly and bend forward that is when I would notice it the most (thus he thinks it is spinal related) and the other day, I thought I felt the buzzing in my right thigh.  I play a lot of tennis and ride a stationary bike everyday, but I don't recall ever having spinal trouble.

I am waiting a couple of days to get results of xray and blood/urine test results, and bring everything to my cousin/urologist.  He does not think it is of any concern, and he even said, he thinks his cell phone is on, and he feels a slight vibration in that area as well.

I'm glad things are going well, and I hope this all will pass, but once I have my results, I will also post them.  It is good to read your posting again, as it seems our issues are very similar and hopefully we both will end up with good results.
Keep posting, Thank you.
by stillcurious, Aug 13, 2006
Any results back from the xray and other tests yet?  Are you having any associated back pain?  I have noticed some back pain coming on slowly over the past couple weeks, though I never noticed any before this thing started.  I wonder if whatever is causing this sensation is leading to my back pain as well, or if I am just driving myself to back pain trying to find and hold postures that don't produce the vibrations.

Anyway, I have a followup appointment with the urologist this week and another with my family doctor the week after.  I am guessing if it does not start to die away, I will be referred to a neurologist or something like that.  I am starting to think mine is nerve related, though I cannot be sure.

By the way, in my searches, I have come across something referred to as "phantom vibrations", which is where you think your phone is vibrating, and the sensation originates from where you usually keep your phone (typically the pocket region).  Mine has always seemed to originate from the urethra rather than my pocket, but in your last message, you said you feel it sometimes in your right thigh.  Do you keep your cell phone in that pocket?  It seems to be a very common complaint, and although it doesn't fit my case exactly, I wonder if there are similarities there worth exploring.
by concernedperson3, Aug 15, 2006
I got the results back today, and there is absolutley nothing wrong with spine, PSA, cholesterol and all other things tested.  My problem has seemed to subside, but I noticed it again last night at a phillies game.

One thing I wanted to ask you, do you take any vitamins, such as One a day for men?  or Centrum?  I just started taking a multivitamin and when I stopped for a few days it subsided, but I started taking it again and conicidentally felt feeling again, could be my imagination.  That phantom ringing sounds like a good possibility, what website did you read that on?

Since I went to doctor, I don't know if there is anything else to do at this point, I'll keep you posted and watch for your updates.  Good Luck
by stillcurious, Aug 16, 2006
That is interesting that you mention vitamins.  I actually do take Centrum Performance, have been taking it for a couple years probably, but I have never been very consistent.  I will usually take it for a few days and then forget about it for a few weeks.  The last time I took it was probably a week or so ago.  It seems like the buzzing has gotten lighter and less frequent in the past couple days.  I had considered a link between the two briefly (I have pretty much considered everything, LOL), but I figured the chance of a link there was a long shot.  Makes me think a little more about it though, since you mentioned it.  Once this thing subsides, I might try them again and see if the vibrations return; might be an interesting experiment.  But I will probably not want to press my luck.  I might have to add it to the growing list of suspicious activities that I will never try again :) I am still convincing myself I will not have to add sex to that list! LOL

The phantom ringing thing...  I did a search and found LOTS of results... nothing really scholarly or anything, just a bunch of people who have been noticing the same thing.  Type phantom vibrations in a google search, and you will find a wealth of information.

I have a followup with the urologist this Friday, which I fully expect to be completely uneventful, but of course, I will keep you posted.

Take care, and please keep the updates coming.
by uhoh3844, Aug 18, 2006
Hey guys, 23 year old male here living in Philly, PA. I just started getting this last night and freaked out because i didnt know what it was. About 9 months ago I had sypmtoms of pain in the urethra but not when i was peeing and two weird bumps that showed up out of nowhere. I had a med resident tell me I had herpes and I obviously had a panic attack. After I got tested twice (at two month intervals) and also told I (and the resident) were crazy about the diagnosis by another doctor. I went to a urologist to see what was up and he told me I had prostatitis. I was on cipro for 4 weeks but in two different times. Problem slightly subsided but I still get pain in the urethra every once in awhile. But I must say since the herpes psuedodiagnosis I have become quite a hyperchondriac. Anything and everything I see i attribute to an STD. As with this new buzzing feeling, it is the same. It is good to see that it doesnt seem to be related. I am also a gay man. I also have gotten back to working out this summer. (I dont know how much of this matters but it seems with more info we might find a common thread)I get slight back pain when i am sitting in my car but other than that not really. I wont go to my urologist because ive seen him way too much in the past 8 months. I think I will wait it out.
by concernedperson3, Aug 18, 2006
How did the urologist visit go today?