White bumps on penis and balls
by roberttast, Jan 31, 2007
My penis and balls are covered in small white bumps that have been there for as long as I can remember. There is no pain involved in this, they do not itch and there are no odd symptoms associated with them. Except they are there. Help!
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by ryn21, Feb 01, 2007
You are describing sebaceous cysts or more conspicuous sebaceous glands.  The bumps are caused by excess sebum building up in the hair follicle.  They arent anything to be worried about at all, but if you need reassurance, see your dermatologist.
by oooo_mauled, May 26, 2008
ya i have little red bumps at the base of my pubic hair.
i pulled a hair out and the white bump came out also. but im just scared. the white thing when its pulled out looks like a root kinda thing. please help me out
by dude94, Jun 30, 2008
I have small white bumps on my balls and penius...there only on the back of the shaft and there kinda clumped....but on my balls there not clumped they are the same kind of bumps...idn i need help...i dont really have the much hair yet.sometime they itch...but wat are they?
by dixter, Jun 30, 2008
by agie23, Jul 09, 2008
i have a huge poblem at this moment i been superinbg for almost 2  months. about my penis and my skin  some thing cominng out like a red small spot .  i look like something is bitting my skin.  i use the magnipaying glass to see if something thins is in ther .but i didint see anything .  before they start this may balls is so itch i i dont no why then after that may legs and may skin of may penis is also itching ..  please  help me abouth tgis problem is theranything i can for rhis witout seeing my doctor .  pls
by himnher, Jul 17, 2008
i have little white dots on my penis and balls .
it looks like were hair grows but i dont no some of them popped when i squeesed them, but other dnt go what is this

is it an sti?? should i get it checked out
by ilsosl44, Jul 19, 2008
i think u have wat its called is treadable just go to ur doctor and they will give u a lotion that u have to rub all over ur body.....after u use the lotion the itching will stop and the bumps will go aw3ay....good luck...
by salamas, May 01, 2009
my balls have white bumps on them and when i pull a hair out it looks as if its grayish white stuff is on them, thant u cant get off on them and im only 16 so wth is gonig on Ps the white stuff is on it even b4 i pull it out
by johnst, Aug 19, 2009
hi ive found this link explaining the problem, its bothered me for years now that the spots will put off women but i use jojoba oil and rub into the area and have noticed they go down and most of the time the spots are un seeable by your partner and were unseen but if they are a problem and are becoming infected go and see your doctor and they will be able to assist but they are natural and most likely genetic. THEY ARE NOT AN STI but not all cases of spots on genital area will be and could be something much more serious so go and see your doctor it can all be arranged without your parents or partners knowing, its better to catch stuff early than face the effects later.