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scrotum swelling
Last night after getting home from a night out my scrotum felt kind of wierd the best way I can discribe it is like I was outside in the cold and it was constricted from the cold weather, but when I looked at it it turned out that its was swollen quite a bit to probably twice as big or maybe slightly more than normal. There is no burning, itching, or pain of any sort except if I move wrong there is a little pressure on my testicles but Im almost pisitive its because my scrotum is swollen so much it squishes my testicles in certain positions. It feels like the scrotum skim has swollen, just really thick and spongy feeling. I cant think of anything that would have caused it. Any idea what I could be dealing with and could you explain the seriousness of it. I have no insurance and am currently laid off so I can not afford to see a doctor unless it is almost a life or death issue. I did try icing it and it seemed to make the swelling go down a bit, well it looks like a lot but thats just because of the cold making it contract but it stills feels thick and spongy... please help Im kind of getting worried
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